Dearest Family,

I love hearing those stories of how the Lord just prepares the way for evrything to work out. How funny that Sarah had that experience! That is way cute! Can yall send the video so I can see? It sounds like she is just blossoming and really enjoying her experience! What fun it will be for us all to connect and share stories and experiences!

Beautiful sunset ;)
Beautiful sunset 😉

Crazy, almost trunky experience yesterday. We have a dinner calender and the family who had signed up to feed us just had a son get home from his mission this past week and he spoke in sacrament meeting and they had all the family over for dinner (well the family who live near) this RM’s grandparents actually live in Montgomery and I know them from when I served in their ward. It was strange and wonderful all at the same time. I was wondering if they could tell a difference in me from back at the beginning of my mission and now. I am so glad we are planning on coming back. The family was talking about the airport when they went to pick up their missionary, and that was the trunky part. It didn’t last long though cause I made myself zone out of the conversation and focus on something else. I am glad that yall told me about the change in date for my homecoming talk.

Hey! Super exciting about the temple! AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to go with Andrew and Sarah! Y’all will love the temple so much! I will get to go one more time before the end of my time here in Bama. Hey Mom and Dad, we should try to go when we come back!

Funny to hear about Tami and Katie! Are they really companions?

Mom, I am so glad to hear that everything worked out and that you were able to spend some time with David and Michelle! I love them so much and I am amazed at their genuine kindness! I love the story of that very kind sister that you met on your journey who was so kind to offer to help. We are working with a less active sister from one of the other wards because she is single and the Elders asked us to visit and teach her. She is actually open to gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon and possibly coming back to church.

Sister Waters and I at Zone conference.
Sister Waters and I at Zone conference.

This week has been so great, even though I became pretty sick Thursday evening and still sound a wee bit hoarse and feel a bit rough… This week I was sick and had to rest for two whole days. During that time I couldn’t sleep because I was coughing up phlegm and had a soar throat and it was difficult to get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep, but anyway, I was able to watch some of the church videos. I had not seen any of these videos for over a year. As I watched Legacy, and Mountain of the Lord, I felt a deep appreciation for the pioneers (yet again) as well as a burning desire to study more in depth the history and life of Grandpa Woodruf and his family and the church as a whole.

Nevertheless, this week was full of tender mercies and joy. My patriarchal blessing has a few lines specifically about my mission, and one of them says that I will complete an honorable and joyful mission. I have learned that attitude is everything especially in having a perfect brightness of hope in Christ. Why shouldn’t I be happy?! The Lord is so good and has blessed me with so much more than I deserve. Even though this week was a little slower than usual, the Lord blessed us and our investigators! Sister Olsen was able to go out with a sister from our ward to see an investigator who we haven’t seen in over a week, and then to see a less active who expressed a willingness to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Sister Olsen and I ate a delicious little restaurant on Main St which is in the historic district right near where we live and the train that goes right through it.
Sister Olsen and I ate a delicious little restaurant on Main St which is in the historic district right near where we live and the train that goes right through it.

This week and every week for the rest of my mission, I intend to be even better than the week before and to work even harder than the one before. I know that the Lord will strengthen me and help me as I strive to be more obedient and exact in following the promptings of the Holy Ghost and more kind. I want to tell you I have grown a spine. I no longer worry about if people think we are being rude for challenging them. Don’t worry, we are still kind and respectful, but honestly, I am tired of people not following through with commitments and turning themselves around in circles because they just won’t climb the ladder even when we are showing them how to do it and encouraging them every step of the way. Goodness, I can just imagine how Heavenly Father feels with all of us. Good thing that He is perfectly patient and understanding, yet I think He still gets irritated even if for just a second.

Well, can’t really think of anything else to write, except thanks for your encouraging emails they really help. I love that yall let me know that you believe in me and that I can keep doing hard things and have fun while doing them. thanks for your constant example of that!

Love Always,
Sister Wright



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