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Dearest family,

This week has been wonderful, yet still a little trying. I recognize the closer to the end I come, that it is most likely not going to be smooth, easy sailing because there is still so much that needs to change about me in regards to becoming more Christlike and preparing for the future (being the best wife and mother I can be). Right now, my goal is to express gratitude for every blessing that the Lord gives to me each day and even for the not so lovely growing experiences (they are lovely afterward, but not so much in the moment…) Basically endurance is the word.

Sometimes I will be walking down the street with my companion on our way to an appointment or tracting and I feel like I am watching her and everything around me move at regular speed, caught up in the moment and certain cares, while I am watching inside a bubble where time is slowed. Maybe that doesn’t quite make sense, but basically I feel like Harry and Dumbledore from Harry Potter #7 when they are in the train station. Or maybe even when Harry is preparing to go to Voldemort and surrender himself and he uses the resurrection stone to bring back his parents and Serious. He is preparing for the end. I know the end is coming, I know it has to happen that way. I have to die (stop being a full time missionary) there is no other way, but I don’t want to give up these experiences and these people that I love so fiercely. The beautiful thing though is that I understand what Harry didn’t until after he “dies” and Dumbledore helps him realize it. I know that there is life after mission. 😉 Anyway, there is a bit of what my thoughts and feelings are…sometimes I think I am almost literally off my rocker. I am just super grateful that yall love me anyway!

The Fourth of July was great! The day before we had zone training which was incredible! The spirit spoke directly to me through the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders and other missionaries as well. I feel like the Lord is constantly helping me to improve little things. I am a project that needs a lot of “tweaking” 😉 That was from ‘You’ve Got Mail’

Ok, so back to the Holiday…. We got to go help some non members move. Their member Sister and Sister in law came out from Georgia and she called us to help them all move. It took two days and all 8 missionaries in Madison. Best moving experience ever! Super great people! They are from Nicaragua actually and they made us all feel right at home and like part of the family! We heard some pretty incredible stories, especially from the member! I thought of Nick Strong the whole time! Hey is he married yet? Am I going to get an invitation? I seriously think that everyone (except yall) has forgotten me or they stopped caring…. but it’s fine. Yall are all I need to survive and feel loved and important!

For real, I would be fine spending the rest of my life with yall (and my husband and future children of coarse). Alright so, back to the festivities.

This wonderful family fed us BBQ for lunch and then we went home, changed to regular proselyting clothes and we jumped on our bikes and rode around to go see potential investigators and to contact everyone and their 3 dogs! 😉 What a beautiful, non humid, Utah like day! The only reason I was sweating was from biking!!!!! This was a MIRACLE!!!!! We just went for a nice little bike ride and talked with everyone that we passed, asking to pet their dogs, asking about their beautiful yards, offering help (we took one couple’s picture) etc… we had so much fun! Oh and we met this biker minister who said he doesn’t get the whole story about “Jonathan Smith” (hadn’t heard that one before… ha ha! Yes I had to hold in my laughter) but he does think that “the Mormon’s are really good at every day living and applying of the gospel” and he listed off others like the Baptists are real good at gettin’ e’ry one in church, Others are good at helping them focus on and feel the spirit. It was a very interesting conversation. 🙂

We had dinner with a member family who apparently does a big party with multiple families from the ward every year (which we didn’t know before going) and that was some good BBQ man! Then we left there to walk around the neighborhood and contact (not many people were out) for an hour before that same family had a non member friend showing up for fireworks whom they wanted us to talk with. So we went back and had desert and watched a few fireworks from a very far distance (don’t worry) then we were home by 9pm.

The next morning was Sister McDougal’s birthday, so we had a surprise breakfast. I made crepes and Sister Olsen made chocolate chip pancakes. We had studies and then we all went back to help that family finish moving. This family surprised us by going and getting a birthday ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for Sister McDougal. After that we went home and got our bikes and then headed out to an area to tract, but as we were going through an alternate neighborhood due to construction, I felt like we needed to stop at a potential investigator’s house. We did and the sister answered and she let us in to share a message with her. She soaked everything up and she prayed at the end of the lesson and accepted a Book of Mormon and said that she will be baptized when she comes to know that it is 100% true. She is only 17, so we need to get permission from her family and we asked her when we could come share that message with her entire family because we want them all to feel the spirit which she felt and which we pointed out to her and also so they can work toward being sealed in the temple. We hope and pray that her family is as receptive as she is.

I have come to love garage sales! Everyone does them down here all the time (except the freezing winter) and you can get some really nice things from thrift stores and garage sales. I am so glad that you are doing this, especially to help someone else out! You are brilliant mother! I am sad I am not there to help… let me know how it goes though!

Oh yes the flag raising and breakfast! I miss playing in the orchestra. Especially at the patriotic concert we went to the other weekend.

Oh, I will be spending some money to take care of my violin. I think I mentioned it last week, but it had a bit of a rough time and needs some things fixed. Don’t worry, I have somewhere to take it (somewhere that was recommended by members and that they said shouldn’t be too expensive). I don’t know if I will have enough money on my card though. I will find out how much it will be and then let yall know. That can be my B-day gift so yall don’t need to worry about getting me anything! I know it isn’t cheap to send a package let alone buying things to put in it. We will be celebrating here, so please don’t worry about it.

I am so pleased that yall were able to stop and help that young man! I love that because that is what sister Olsen and I are focussing on that this transfer. I know that service to others, especially when it is inconvenient brings the greatest blessings!

I hope I answered all your questions. Thank yall for sending my medication! It came just in time, and I really appreciated Sarah’s letter! I love yall so much and I am extremely grateful to be linked with yall! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Take care,

Sister Wright