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Eternal family,

I just read your email. Thank you for sharing those miracles with me mom! I so appreciate your eternal, ever trusting perspective. Right now, I feel a little bit like Martha and Mary after Lazarus died. Even though I know that all will be well and made up eventually, even though our fate is not as bad as Job or Joseph Smith or even the Savior, things seem a little bit bleak. Mostly, I wish I could be there with y’all to lift and strengthen and just offer a hug or a smile or listen to the concerns or just cry together. I keep thinking of a scene from the movie ‘Charly’ when she explains her painting of the Savior weeping. Charly tells Sam that before Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, he wept with Martha and Mary. One of the things I love most about the Savior is that he is compassionate and he allows us to grieve and experience sadness. He doesn’t tell us to stop crying, but he cries with us, he holds us and comforts us, THEN he performs the miracle.

Why did Lazarus have to die if the Savior would raise him from the dead? Mary and Martha didn’t ask for Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead, but they trusted that he would make the situation better even though he didn’t do what they were hoping for first. Remember that they had sent for Jesus when their beloved brother became ill and they knew that Jesus had the power to heal him, they didn’t understand that he possessed the power to overcome death, and he waited for Lazarus to pass so that he could teach them the full power that he has to over come not only physical death, but also spiritual death or sin.

We want(ed) the Lord to “heal” our financial situation, which is a righteous desire because we are being wrongfully accused, but maybe the Lord is allowing us to be wronged so that he can perform an even greater miracle in our lives and we have to experience this so that we can come to be more humble and trust in him and his power which is even greater than we have yet seen.

I don’t know, these are just my thoughts which have come as I am typing. I do know that the Lord loves us and He desires us to be happy here on earth, right now, and also in the eternities. I know that He will continue to take care of us and I know that I am going to chose to remain faithful to Him, in fact, I intend to increase my obedience to be more exactly obedient and follow my Savior more closely and invite the spirit even more into my life so that I may be sanctified and literally become more like my Savior, to receive his light more fully in my life by helping others to move toward it and accept it more in their lives and by my exact obedience.

How humbling and invigorating it has been to have Sister Olsen around the past half a week. I love how energized and excited and involved she is. Sometimes she kind of bursts my personal bubble so she can look at what I’m studying at the same time. It makes me laugh. I truly appreciate her engaging nature even though it is pushing the limits on my personal space 😉 ha ha! Sister Olsen has such a powerful testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and she is so passionate about living the gospel and helping others to do the same. We are working hard and having fun together as well. The weird thing is that we are often on the same brain wave, and we end up finishing each other’s sentences…. She is a fabulous teacher too and there is much that I need to learn from her.

Oh, and by the way, my violin had some trauma occur due to extreme weather conditions (heat in the car) and needs some fixing. There are members here who know who can fix it though. I have to tell you how my heart just sunk way down to the pit of my stomach when I opened my case and saw the bridge and the tail piece free of the body and the chord which holds it snapped. I was in shock for a good minute. I couldn’t even fathom what my eyes saw. But the members tell me that it can be fixed. All I am hoping now is that it is not too expensive.

Watching the missionaries going home was a little bit hard for me because I know it is coming soon, and I don’t want to leave. My goal for the next few months is to give all I’ve got and then some to and for others and most importantly the Lord. My focus is on others 100%. Ain’t nobody got time to think about themselves. This is crunch time, not the time to slow down or let off the gas, this is the time to pick up the pace and dash faster and faster to the end giving everything leaning on the Savior. He is my light and my strength and all things are possible through him! If there is anything that I can do to help you President, I hope you know that you can call on me. I am ready and willing to do what ever you ask.

Sister Olsen and I seem to be reaping everything that has been sown for that past while here in Madison. We both decided that we are going to focus on finding so that we can reap as we sow and so there won’t be stages of just finding.

You know, sometimes I wish that I could serve for 2 years because just when I feel like I am finally getting everything, all of the the points of effective missionary work in a good working order, in good balance and finally seem to be moving forward and making progress without dropping anything. Not saying that I am perfect, at all. I have so much to learn and improve in, but I am finally getting to the point, I feel like, where I can pick it up and keep moving forward instead of feeling like I am derailed every time I find something I need to work on. I guess the most important thing though is taking all of these skills and taking them home to be the best member missionary and wife and mother, who raises her family to be missionaries, I can be. Right? I have been thinking about that for a while now. I think that hastening the work is more of the surge of missionaries who are coming out learning how to dedicate their time talents energy, everything to living and serving in the gospel and truly giving our will to God so that we can return to the “real” world and be a strong source and influence in the world for good and to teach our children, family, friends and the rest of the world the peace and joy that come from living the way the Lord has set for us.

Well there you have it, my brain explosion…

There is quite a bit of potential for families joining the church down here! (And they are black which is one of my visions… to help find, teach and baptize a black family.)

The church is true. Joseph Smith is one of my biggest heroes. I know that he is a prophet called of God and that all that he claims truly happened. Because I know this, I know that the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true and I feel a responsibility to share it with the rest of the wold (aka my brothers and sisters).

I love yall with all of my heart!
Continuing to endure,
your Sister(daughter, friend etc…) Wright

Christian Soldier for life!



Dearest family,

Amazing how quickly time passes, didn’t it? We are finishing up yet another transfer. Wednesday Sister Downs and I will go to Birmingham with the Sister training leaders to transfer meeting. Sister Downs will be receiving a new area and companion and I will pick up my new companion and head back with the Sister training leaders to Madison.

Sister Downs and I have had such a great time this transfer, working hard and having fun while doing it. We had our disagreements, but we learned to put our will and pride aside and turn to the Lord. We learned how to communicate well and keep the spirit. With each new transfer, I feel like I am being chiseled in more detail. I am sad that Sister Downs is leaving. We finally got to the point where we work pretty effectively together, and we have had a blast. I will keep in touch with her and we will be friends probably for the rest of our lives. I have so much respect for Sister Downs. She is such a dedicated, hard working missionary.

This last Saturday we got to attend the baptism of an investigator that Sister Downs helped find and teach. The funny thing is that this man’s wife is actually the one who wanted to get baptized first, he was actually kind of hardened against it and the last thing he wanted was to get baptized, yet the spirit told him that he needed to be baptized and so he decided to do it and he was so excited. On the day that he got baptized and also on the next day when he was confirmed in sacrament meeting, he had a huge smile which reached from ear to ear. What a precious experience to see a man who was so burdened with things of the world and hard circumstances was freed from all of it by taking part in the Atonement of His personal Savior. This recent convert’s wife (who wanted to get baptized first) only needs to come to church one more time and then she will be getting baptized and the goal is to have her husband be able to baptize her! This couple is so amazing! Their faith is so inspiring and I am so glad that Sister Downs was able to see Matt get baptized before she left and hopefully will get to come back for Jade’s as well.

We have done tonz of tracting and contacting and so we will be following up with all of them in the next week as we continue to find and invite. I think I will probably stay here in Madison until I come home in about 128 days. I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants backwards. Yall are welcome to join me.

Did y’all get my letters? That is awesome about the new family/couple! Where did they move from? What is Kim’s maiden name? Where did she grow up? When does Caleb Veenker enter the mission field?

I hope Caleb feels better soon! I know that is miserable, and I hope you get some better sleep too mom! You are so amazing! I love you so much!

There was one day that made us laugh. We rode our bikes to the library for media time and as we were locking them up to the rack we heard a woman, who was sitting on the bench about 5 feet away, talking on the phone. Her conversation was about a woman who had attended church who bore testimony about how she had “gotten out of the Mormon religion” and how amazed this woman was (who was talking on the phone) because that was “never heard of” and she is “so against Mormonism!” This woman was asking for the “ex-mormon’s” name so that she could talk to her and hear more about that. I wanted to go over and talk to the lady and ask if she had any questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what she actually knows about it, because the way she was talking, she had no idea what we are even about or what we teach. At one point she said a very true statement that made Sister Downs and I laugh the most, because it’s true. “Those Mormon’s just won’t leave you alone.” Ha ha! This is true, but she doesn’t understand why, it is because we love all of God’s children and want them to be close to Him. I was hoping to be able to explain this to her, but she wouldn’t even look at us as we slowly passed her to go into the building and she was still on the phone. I hope that I will be able to run into her again and be able to help clear up the misconceptions she has about the church, then she will probably get baptized…. 😉 well at some point I am sure she will. I am SO glad that God is not a clip board God!

Well I need to go, I love y’all will all my heart! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Wright


Dear Family,

Memorial day was fun. We had preparation day and I did a puzzle and then we had dinner at a member’s house where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows around a fire. The kids were burning their homework from the school year. Then we had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader.

Yay for the end of school! Learning is great, but everyone needs a break now and then. 😉 Yeah, all of the member’s kids practically run circles around us when we go over to their houses for dinner and to have lessons about hastening the work. They are so cute though! sometimes I think about what my kids will be like, and what I want to teach them. Then I start thinking about how I am going to find a husband who I will be able to be equally yoked with and who has the same vision as I do, then I start thinking about dating and it just makes me nervous, so I stop and quickly go back to the bliss of being a single missionary. 😉 The scary thing is that that is the next stage of my life and it is coming faster and faster. But for now, I am focused on our investigators and helping them to progress. Any thoughts? It is ok to tell me that I am silly and immature…

I wanted to share with you some things I learned this week.
Sundays are so rich with the spirit! Especially Fast Sundays! The Lord is SO good to us president! Yesterday Sister Downs and I heard our names specifically mentioned over the pulpit three times, were offered a glorious Sunday meal to break our fast, sent home with home made bread and strawberry jam and we even had an investigator come to church! Heavenly Father sure knows how to help one feel loved and appreciated!

I was reading in 3 Ne. 28 and I realized what a perfect example of Lagniappe the 3 Nephite disciples are. This is when Jesus asks his disciples what they desire of him before he returns to the Father. Nine of the disciples said, “We desire that after we have lived unto the age of man, that our ministry, wherein thou hast called us, may have an end, that we may speedily come unto thee in they kingdom.” This is a righteous desire and Jesus promises to grant their wishes unto them, BUT then he turns to the last three and asks them. “And they sorrowed in their hearts, for they durst not speak unto him the thing which they desired. And he said unto them: Behold, I know your thoughts, and ye have desired the thing which John, my beloved, who was with me in my ministry, before that I was lifted up by the Jews, desired of me. Therefore, more blessed are ye, for ye shall never taste of death; but ye shall live to behold all the doings of the Father unto the children of men, even until all things shall be fulfilled according to the will of the Father, when I shall come in my glory with the powers of heaven. And again, ye shall not have pain while ye shall dwell in the flesh, neither sorrow save it be for the sins of the world; and all this will I do because of the thing which ye have desired of me, for ye have desired that ye might bring the souls of men unto me, while the world shall stand. And for this cause ye shall have fullness of joy; and ye shall sit down in the kingdom of my Father; yea, your joy shall be full, even as the Father hath given me fullness of joy; and ye shall be even as I am, and I am even as the Father; and the Father and I are one;” These three disciples of Christ pretty much define Lagniappe. They are pure in heart and have their wills aligned with the Savior’s and the Fathers. Jesus even says so in that last part when he says that he and the Father are one. When we truly give our will to God, we truly become more like He is. There are plenty of examples of men and women who have done this in the scriptures. They are truly converted and told by the Savior that they have a sure seat in the highest glory because they have surrendered their will to that of the Father’s.

I am coming to see and understand more that this is the true test of life, to give our will to God’s and be happy about it. We have to give it willingly. I decided about a month ago that I am waging an all out war against Satan which if successful, will last my entire life. I have likewise decided to give my whole will and trust over to the Savior and to my Father in Heaven. As I have begun to do so, I have felt a distinctive change in my way of thinking and reasoning and also in my motivation and determination to do everything I have been asked and then some because that is what the Savior did and does and that is what will bring me peace, happiness and eternal glory. It is my prayer that I may be an example for others around me and that they way catch the vision.

I am sorry that my emails tend to be a little lengthy… I just want to share one more Emmaus experience with you:
Yesterday in sacrament meeting we got to wait for the priests to break the bread after singing the sacrament hymn. It wasn’t annoying or embarrassing, but rather a nice, quiet time to reflect on the power of the priesthood, the worthiness of those who hold it and the sacred covenant which I have made and renew each week. It hit me how much trust the Lord has in us and how special it is to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which has the true, direct power and permission of God to perform saving ordinances or acts which demonstrate our willingness to obey the will of the Lord. The young men who bless and pass the sacrament seem to understand and take seriously their priesthood duties. I am grateful for the power and authority which has been delegated to me as a missionary called by a prophet and set apart as a disciple of Jesus Christ to represent Him and sustain his prophet on the earth today. I know that the priesthood was restored through Joseph Smith and that God loves His children. “The more we ponder [the sacrament’s] significance, the more sacred it becomes to us.” (‘True to the Faith’ pg. 147)

“People forget what you said. They forget what you did. But no one will forget how you helped them feel.” (unknown)

Obedience give us confidence!

Love y’all forever! Have a fabulous week!

Love, sister Wright