“Okay Good News- Kaliegh got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed on Sunday. It was a crazy, sudden baptism, but one of the sweetest things. She is doing wonderfully, her face is practically shooting the Light of Christ. All of the junk she went through has really given her a relationship with God, and it is beautiful to watch her. She is amazing, and now she is an amazing member of the church! Whoot!!! All of the hard work you did with her, and all of the wonderful things really paid off. Thank you so much for everything. You truly changed her life. Thank you.”

The above was sent to me by a sister who is currently serving in Talladega. Kaleigh is a young girl whom I taught while serving there and also helped work toward baptism.
There was also a baptism here in Jasper this past weekend. My heart is full of gratitude. How can I be anything but grateful and humbled at all that the Lord has done and continues to do! One of the best parts of being a missionary is being able to see more clearly with spiritual eyes (sharpened by daily study) the many many miracles which the Lord works each and every day.

He has been attending church with his member wife for about 19 years and was never baptized, but he had a stroke and decided it was time to get baptized. The elders taught him the lessons and he was baptized. It was fast and miraculous and inspiring! Dennis asked me to play my violin at his baptism for the special musical number. One of the Sisters who had served here before and is in a close area got to come to the baptism and she and her companion and my companion helped me with the musical number.

We did #270, I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go and we all sang acapella the first verse, then I played my violin and another played piano and the other two sang. One of them sang #270 and the other added in ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ just on the second verse, then on the 3rd verse they sang the regular song until the chorus where the sisters stopped singing and it was just instruments then we repeated the chorus with words then repeated the last line with just voices and me on violin.

It was so powerful and I am so grateful for the help of the other sisters and the spirit in helping it all come together! I was so honored to be able to play. What a blessing this is!

What an example! There is an investigator and his son who have been coming to church and whom we are teaching with our branch president and also one of our recent converts. They were both at the baptism. Sister McLaughlin and I were asking they what they thought afterwards and asked them if they would want to be baptized. Tim (the father) wants to finish reading the Book of Mormon. He was in Mosiah at the time. We asked his 11 year old son if he had a Book of Mormon. He didn’t, but wants one, so we are going to give him one of his own to read. I believe that Tim and his son (and hopefully his wife) will be baptized soon.

Jasper was not touched by the storm. The closest damage was in Graysville on the way to Bessemer. No one here was hurt. There were tornadoes all around us, but were were untouched and unharmed. All of the missionaries are safe as well.

President and Sister Hanks were with 48 missionaries in the Tupelo stake center where the tornado was “birthed” and it destroyed the hotel that president and sister hanks had stayed in the night before, but they were all safe.

Yes, I was calm the entire time. I know, because y’all have taught me, that if we are prepared there is no need to fear. I know that it is important to be obedient and when you are there is no need to fear because the Lord will take care of you. We should be organized here soon to help the areas that were affected. What a great opportunity to show these people that we care because our Savior cares. Service is what softens people’s hearts.

I thought about Uncle David and Aunt Michelle and their boys during the storm and wondered when they will be softened enough to receive the fullness of the gospel.

I am working out what time will work for us with my companion. Her dad won’t be able to talk until later, so I think maybe 7pm my time which will be 6pm y’alls time right…?

I love having everyone there, it is a little overwhelming when everyone is talking and I get worried that I won’t get to everyone and I can’t hear, so if there is some way that we can take time it so I can talk to everyone (with the most time for you mom of course) that might help. Don’t worry too much about it. I am just excited to talk to everyone and see y’all! Y’all are the greatest and I love y’all so much!

We are doing a lot of finding right now and less active work.

When is Caleb Veenker leaving for the MTC? Or when did he leave?

Y’all I know that this work is true and SO important!

I love y’all so much and look forward to skyping y’all on Sunday! 🙂 Keep the faith and fight a good fight!

Steadfast in Christ,


Sister Wright


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