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I don’t know what it is about being here on my mission, but I have had more run-ins with the cops here than I ever have back home. Somebody called the cops on Sister Pratt and I while we were out tracting. We don’t know who called them on us, or why…I mean it was two o’clock on a sunny day. We were just minding our own business, praying with people and talking about our Savior.

It was quite an awkward exchange. Sister Pratt and I had knocked on this door and a woman came up and asked, “Who is it?” (southerners favorite thing to say). We said that we were missionaries. She turned around and walked away (southerners favorite thing to do when they hear we are missionaries). So we were like oh, ok, well obviously she isn’t interested.

As we turn and start walking down the steps Sister Pratt says that there is a cop. I thought she just meant that the cop was driving by again, he had already passed us twice as we were walking and talking with people. But then I hear the cop say “Can you please come here a minute?” So we start crossing this huge front lawn. I hate walking on peoples lawns, but it would have taken twice as long to walk around to him. We get up there and he asks what we are doing. I told him that we were just out talking with people about Jesus Christ and praying with them. He listened and then pulled out his phone, and while he is doing that he tells us that the woman came to the door. So Sister Pratt tries to cross back over the lawn a little bit so that she doesn’t have to yell quite as far, and so that she can still hear what the cop and I are saying. The cop asks me again what we are doing and so I tell him again, and he repeats what I say to whoever he is talking to. Then asks us if we are asking for donations. I assure him that we are not, it is one of our rules that we aren’t allowed to accept donations. He tells me that if we were to, we would have to go to the city and get a permit first. I again assure him that we aren’t, we are simply praying with people and talking about our Savior. He tells us to have a nice day, and gets in his car and drives off.

As we walk up to our car, another police officer drives by. We get in the car and laugh to ourselves thinking they are probably coming looking for us. Oh what an adventure.

Kaitlyn was baptized on Saturday evening. It was such a wonderful baptism! We could all really feel the Spirit there. It was even more special to see her dad, baptize her. There was a lot of people that showed up to support her, including three non-members. It was a beautiful service!

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