Hello family!

I am safely in my new area which is: Jasper! My new companion is Sister Nelson who I already love so much! There is so much going on here and the work is really progressing!

I am the Jr. companion and it is so nice to be the one following the leader! We work very equally, but it is nice to have change and to have a kind of stressful situation where I have to step up. That may not make sense, but I just like being able to kind of be trained again. I have been the one leading and calling the shots since the end of my first six weeks.

Speaking of which, I finally saw my trainer! I haven’t seen her for six months! She looks so good and happy and I loved seeing her! I am so happy to be here and be able to serve and love and help in this area every way that I can!

Many missionaries tend to ask themselves and the Lord the why questions : “why am I here in this area? What am I here to learn? Why am I with this companion? What am I supposed to learn from them?” etc… these are all selfish questions. It doesn’t matter. We already know the answer. We have been called as missionaries to help others come unto Christ. That is my purpose and it doesn’t matter where or when or with whom. (Except the Spirit) I feel like I have been revived and I have another chance to be the best missionary that the Lord needs me to be.

Sister Nelson is FABULOUS!!!!

My address is:

Sister Anna Wright
1690 N Walston Bridge Rd Jasper
AL 35504

Love y’all SO much and I look forward to hearing from y’all on Monday. Thank so much y’all and I love you dearly! Talk with y’all Monday!

Toodles y’all!

<3/ Sister Wright


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