No, I can’t believe my little brother is now ordained a deacon, but I am so happy for him and that he has lived worthy to receive such a privilege!

Oh! I bet Andrew was AMAZING!! I am so pleased that he followed his desires and did not let fear keep him from such wonderful opportunities like I did when I was in high school. The sad part is that I didn’t get to see it, but I know that the Lord will make up for it all!

WONDERFUL!!! Mom, I am so grateful that going to the temple means so much to you! I can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift than to go to the temple! We will be going to the temple in March! I am SO blessed and so grateful to be able to attend the temple so often here in Alabama! I know that there are many missionaries who never get to go or only go once or twice in their entire mission. The temple is such a strength and comfort! The best way to show our love for one another is to choose the right and to spend time together.

For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to do something for the Parkers (who we live with) so we wrote a message on little hearts and left them on their table with instructions. We kind of copied Elder Scott’s idea. There is a Mormon message (which we watched with them after they put the message together) where Elder Scott tells about how he cut out 100 hole punches and numbered them on one side then wrote a message on the other. So precious! It was fun to see them working together to put it together. We had 216 hearts instead of 100, but it was so fun! We also went and heart attacked some members of the branch who needed some love.

Mom, I am so pleased at your attitude! Thank you for teaching me through example to serve gladly in whatever capacity you were called! That has helped me in being called to a new area for this next transfer. It is so hard to leave, but I am excited and anxious to get to know, love and serve more of our Father’s children! The Lord has given me so many tender mercies!

W. and K. both have baptism dates. W. didn’t come to church, but I left her a note telling her that y’all are supporting her and she really appreciated that. I gave her a picture of all of us. She will make it. K. (the one who recently had the baby) came to church! President and Sister Hanks came and spoke and K. told President that I had to come to her baptism because I was the reason she was getting baptized. She came up to me to hug me again and told me that president said that no matter where I get moved, I will be at her baptism. I am so grateful! I did so good at not crying until the closing song (I’ll go where you want me to go).

All of the branch members are so sad, but I told them I am coming back. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet. Six months is a long time in one place. Dad, I can’t believe that you only moved twice.

I miss the family! I think about y’all so often! The Lord is strengthening and upholding each of us in our individual lives though and I am so happy to be here in Alabama serving! I am excited for new opportunities to serve!

I have been thinking a lot about our family history lately! I am so glad that y’all are working on that. When I get home that is what I am going to do. Just dive into family history. It warms my heart so much to know that y’all are keeping the commandments and trusting in the Lord!

This morning in my personal study, I read in Alma 58-61 and in chapter 60 which is Captain Moroni’s epistle to Pahoran chastising him for not sending more men or food to support the army, I caught a phrase that I never had before. “begin to be up and doing” This gospel is not one that we can just sit back and relax and wait for things to happen, we can’t get lazy. especially now with the hastening of the work. We all must be up and doing and we have to choose a side.

One of my really good friends from before my mission just wrote me and I am so pleased that he has changed his habits and he is choosing to support the Lord whereas before, he wasn’t even sure if he believed that God existed or cared about him. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and brings inner peace and fortifies us and our families!

I testify that Christ lives, and that keeping the commandments of God everyday will give us the strength we need to fight against the natural man and protect our families! If you are a fence sitter, I invite you to choose a side and begin to be up and doing or the vengeance of our merciful Lord will come upon you.

Fight for freedom, religion, family and moral values!

Steadfast in Christ,

Sister Anna Wright


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