Hey there! How y’all doing?

What a wonderful week!!!!

We had family home evening with a family that we met. They are so great! They have 3 little kids that are so cute and so smart! We played a creation matching game (which we made) and talked about the creation and how our Heavenly Father loves us. We asked each of them to think of something they could do to show more love for Heavenly Father. They all said great things, but the thing that amazed me, was that the dad said, “quit smoking”.

We asked them how they could accomplish those goals and we happened to have a copy of the first step to the 12 step program that the church has and so we gave that to D. At the end of the lesson, he asked us when we were going to come back and said that maybe they could order a pizza for us… { :O. I pray for this family every day and think of the every morning when I study.

The last treatment to make sure the lice was gone.
The last treatment to make sure the lice was gone.

Most of our preparation day last week was helping a less active couple to paint their new trailer home and then they took us out for dinner before we had to go to our teaching appointment. I love painting houses! My trainer did that for work before her mission and we had opportunities to do that for service when I was in Montgomery.

2-3-2014-11 2-3-2014-12

Tuesday morning it was very difficult to get out of bed. But with the Lord’s help I did it. There was just something different in the air. We exercised, prepared for the day and began our studies. I decided to open the window (which we usually keep closed) and noticed it was cloudy outside and quite grey. About 20 minutes into our personal study time I noticed that it was snowing, just little flurries. We continued to study and then a few minutes later we noticed that it was actually snowing, constant and heavy and beginning to stick. We took pictures.

Mopping the snow off of the porch. That the is dustpan on the end of it (the white thing).

2-3-2014-6 2-3-2014-8

We were instructed not to leave our appartments if the snow sticks (well not to drive and we could stay inside) it quickly covered the ground and we were thrilled. We decided to go out and shovel our neighbor’s driveways and walkways, but no one in the south has a snow shovel here so we made our own with what we had. We took our dustpan and tapped it to the end of our mop and we used our broom until…. they both broke. We had to go back inside before we froze but we decided to clean the blinds in the house. They were disgusting! We let them soak in bleach water in the tub and then we scrubbed them. We planned and did lots of things to keep busy and productive. I got to practice my violin. 🙂

2-3-2014-10 2-3-2014-92-3-2014-4

The next day we got out and walked to go see a few less active families that live near by. As the snow melted, it was wet enough to make snowballs and so we had some fun throwing it with the M. girls. We had so much fun.

2-3-2014-5 2-3-2014-3

We were supposed to have zone training in Anniston, but the roads were still too icy and covered with abandoned cars and scraps from crashes that we had to cancel it. That happened two more times but we finally had it on Friday.

We were fed by the T. before the broadcast for the ward and branch council members, but we had some technical difficulties and ended up watching the wrong program. We were watching the Law Society award ceremony for Elder Hafen the new Mesa AZ temple president. So when we realized that we just had a discussion about how to be better members of the branch council.

These are the cupcakes we made to the Plan of Salvation.

We got super creative this week. We taught an 8 yr old girl who is getting baptized soon who comes from a less active family and we are helping her to be prepared. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we had some cupcakes left over from some we had made and so I suggested that we use those. It worked out rather well and kept the girls interested. The matching game was my idea as well and worked so well in keeping attention but also teaching the principles!

We had lots of opportunities to do service this weekend. We helped a sister to crochet scarves for children who are in need. It was a little difficult to remember how it went, but she helped us and we got the hang of it. We are going to help her once a week. That same member is licensed to do manicures and she said she needs to give us some, so we are going to go over today and read the Book of Mormon to her (she can’t read anymore) while she does our nails.

Barbeque haystacks! Delicious!!!!! Fries covered in BBQ pork and topped with cheese!

There is a really good chinese restaurant here that is run by a young chinese family. We didn’t get to really talk to them like I would have liked, but I plan on going back before I leave and talking to them more. When we were there, I had the strongest feeling that I needed to try to share the gospel with them.

The food was so good! I got some curry chicken and an egg roll. My companion got hanan chicken and egg drop soup. She shared some of her soup with me. That was so delicious. I can’t believe that I have never been to a real chinese restaurant before.

Sometimes we wonder why we don't use horses.
Sometimes we wonder why we don’t use horses.

We had two less active sisters come to church yesterday! One of them bore her testimony and said that her son who is in the Navy told her that she needs to get active and she told him she goes to church and he told her that she is not considered active until she goes to her assigned branch and talks with her branch president. She is the sweetest sister, so cute and fun! We are going to have lunch with her this week. She sounds like she will be willing to go out and teach with us too! (fist pump!~)

I bore my testimony as this was my last fast sunday in the Talladega branch. I have been sick the last few days, but I pushed through it Saturday and Sunday until we got home from church. My head was pounding and I was stuffed up with a sore throat (which I had had for over 24 hours constant) and a cough and pressure in my sinuses. I did not feel good, so we went home and I fell asleep until 5:30 ish and we made hearts and went and heart attacked W. (whom we haven’t heard from in a while) as well as left a Book of Mormon for her “company” to read and a less active and his non member wife.

It was pouring rain last night too. So fun. We turned in our numbers and got ready for bed and I crashed. I feel somewhat better today. No sign of my soar throat, just heavy, fuzzy head and brain and congested still. But super happy to be alive and in Alabama! 🙂

Thank y’all for the news and for all the good that y’all are doing! I love y’all so much and I pray for y’all every day! Keep doing the little things that are so important! Never miss a day of Reading from the Book of Mormon and Praying individually and as a family! Make sure to thank our Heavenly Father for each and every day as well as every blessing which He gives us!

I am so grateful for the blessing He has given us most recently with the means to help keep me out here and to help Andrew to prepare to come out and serve! There is no better work!

With all my heart,

Sister Wright!

2-3-2014-2 2-3-2014These pictures were taken at Chick-Fil-a in Gadsden.  We stopped to get some lunch before we were supposed to be at the church for our interviews with president, and it turns out that He and his wife were there as well.  I convinced president to get the Blue Bell chocolate peanut butter shake and he loved it! It was so fun seeing them and we had to get a picture!



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