Dear Family,

Sister Williams and I are having such a blast.  She is so eager and willing to do some of the parts of missionary work that I have cringed away from and become a little rusty at over the last two transfers, so she is helping me to get excited about them again and also she is such a great example of just doing things.  It is rather nice to have someone lead in the companionship equally as much as I do.



I am learning to share talking time more and I love being able to listen as my companion testifies and feel the burden being lifted off of my shoulders.  I don’t have to carry the full load of the Salvation of Talladega on my shoulders anymore.  I know it is on the Lord’s really, but my part is there too and it was getting quite heavy.

K., was having contractions and she is due here in about a month.  She seems to be maturing the closer she gets to her due date and realizing the responsibility that will be placed on her shoulders.  I pray that she will turn to the Savior for help.

There is a less active/part member family that we have taught a few of the lessons to that our branch missionaries found.  They haven’t come to church yet, but we are teaching them this next week and they are going to invite some of their friends that they said that they have been telling need to listen to us.  We were floored!

This happened yesterday in the pouring rain (in our car) before we went tracting.  Every door we went to that answered we got to leave a prayer or they let us in and we taught a lesson.  We will be returning and teaching them all again soon hopefully!  That was the best success I think I have ever had while tracting!

The Lord blesses the efforts of the righteous and He knows the desires of our hearts!  It is never just Sister Williams and I, Christ is with us always for this is His work!

Boy, I tell y’all it is freezing!  And last night, I couldn’t fall asleep until about 2 or 3 am because the vicious rain, thunder and lightning storm kept me up.  I have never heard such rolling, deep thunder nor seen such bright, blinding lightning before in my life.  One of the thunder strikes shook the ground.  I knew that the Lord was protecting us, but I also knew that we needed to be ready to act if something happened.

I lay awake trying to think about everything I would need to get ready to take care of my companion and myself in case of a natural disaster.  I used to think it would be kind of cool to see (and mom, forgive me) be in a natural disaster, but last night convinced me that I do not want anything of the sort.  If it does, I will be ready and prepared and follow the directions of my leaders exactly and promptly (don’t worry, we have procedures that we follow that keep us very safe) and God is in control.

I want to be able to assist and give aid to others in that kind of situation.  So being a nurse or something in the medical field to offer relief is what I want to do.

When we skype on Christmas, the Cote family is whose account we will be using.  I don’t know everything we need for that, so if y’all can make sure to tell me what I need or give me what I need, that would be great. I don’t have an exact time yet, but I will have one for you next week.

Take care and know that I love y’all so dearly and eternally!

We will be attending the Birmingham temple this next week 🙂  I am SO excited!  I love the temple!  It is so exciting that now I get to help Rhiannon, our recent convert to prepare to enter the temple to do baptisms for the dead and feel the peace that is there!  The temple here is only open at night.  Y’all don’t realize how blessed y’all are to have the temples so close around and running all day.

Use the temple; go as often as you can, no matter what it takes!  As soon as Caleb is 12, we all need to go to the temple together!  We have ancestors who are waiting for us to help them, to find them and to link them to us!  I can’t do it now, I need you Caleb, Miriam, Andrew, Sarah, Ben, Kyli, Nate, Becca, Ria, Joe, Mom and Dad to take care of our family and gather them in from the storm!

Much love and happy wishes, Ever faithful

Sister Anna Wright


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