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Dear Family

We had a crazy week with lots of meetings that took almost the full day and all on different days and then we had another bout of lice to fight. Miracles never cease to happen though. Tender mercies are all around; we just have to have our eyes open to see them.



I am sorry, this will be a little short, but we have lots of plans today and lots to get done. Honestly, I don’t really have much to say except that I know that the Atonement is real and it works and it works because of Jesus Christ and because we have a loving Heavenly Father.

Mom, when was the last time you got to attend the temple? We got to go this last week and I got to spend some time with Sister Smith and her new companion. What a blessing that was.

I understand how you feel about being busy, but that is a good thing, it helps you appreciate the quiet, stillness and the time you do get to spend with those we love. The important thing is that we do take that time to appreciate that time and we give thanks to God in those moments. You have taught me this my whole life and I thank you!

You are serving the most important mission right now mom and you are doing a fabulous job!

I pray for Andrew every day and I pray for the rest of y’all to have help and strength and to be enlightened by the spirit! I love y’all so dearly!

Right quick, I just want to apologize for my fair share of judgment and lack of patience with all y’all, especially Andrew. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. I miss him so much it hurts. I pray every day that he is alright and staying close to the Lord and that he will write me and communicate with me.

I guess that is one reason why I am excited to Skype y’all on Christmas because I miss all y’all so much, but especially Andrew is constantly on my mind and I want so desperately to tell him how much I love and appreciate him and how highly I think of him! He astounds me! He is so much better than I ever was when I was in high school. He is an example for me to follow and I think he is the coolest man in the world! I often think to myself, “What would Andrew do in this situation? What kind of missionary would Andrew chose to be right now?” Then I have tried to follow the best I can and when I have done that, I have seen growth in myself and opened the windows of Heaven to receive more light and knowledge.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He loves me and I love Him. I know that as we focus on Him this Christmas season and point our arrows outward and serve others as He would, we will find that Christmas will be full of joy and we will enjoy every moment to the fullest because we will invite His spirit to be with us. The spirit of Christmas will dwell in our hearts forever!

Y’all are amazing!


Sister Anna Wright



Dear Family,

Sister Williams and I are having such a blast.  She is so eager and willing to do some of the parts of missionary work that I have cringed away from and become a little rusty at over the last two transfers, so she is helping me to get excited about them again and also she is such a great example of just doing things.  It is rather nice to have someone lead in the companionship equally as much as I do.



I am learning to share talking time more and I love being able to listen as my companion testifies and feel the burden being lifted off of my shoulders.  I don’t have to carry the full load of the Salvation of Talladega on my shoulders anymore.  I know it is on the Lord’s really, but my part is there too and it was getting quite heavy.

K., was having contractions and she is due here in about a month.  She seems to be maturing the closer she gets to her due date and realizing the responsibility that will be placed on her shoulders.  I pray that she will turn to the Savior for help.

There is a less active/part member family that we have taught a few of the lessons to that our branch missionaries found.  They haven’t come to church yet, but we are teaching them this next week and they are going to invite some of their friends that they said that they have been telling need to listen to us.  We were floored!

This happened yesterday in the pouring rain (in our car) before we went tracting.  Every door we went to that answered we got to leave a prayer or they let us in and we taught a lesson.  We will be returning and teaching them all again soon hopefully!  That was the best success I think I have ever had while tracting!

The Lord blesses the efforts of the righteous and He knows the desires of our hearts!  It is never just Sister Williams and I, Christ is with us always for this is His work!

Boy, I tell y’all it is freezing!  And last night, I couldn’t fall asleep until about 2 or 3 am because the vicious rain, thunder and lightning storm kept me up.  I have never heard such rolling, deep thunder nor seen such bright, blinding lightning before in my life.  One of the thunder strikes shook the ground.  I knew that the Lord was protecting us, but I also knew that we needed to be ready to act if something happened.

I lay awake trying to think about everything I would need to get ready to take care of my companion and myself in case of a natural disaster.  I used to think it would be kind of cool to see (and mom, forgive me) be in a natural disaster, but last night convinced me that I do not want anything of the sort.  If it does, I will be ready and prepared and follow the directions of my leaders exactly and promptly (don’t worry, we have procedures that we follow that keep us very safe) and God is in control.

I want to be able to assist and give aid to others in that kind of situation.  So being a nurse or something in the medical field to offer relief is what I want to do.

When we skype on Christmas, the Cote family is whose account we will be using.  I don’t know everything we need for that, so if y’all can make sure to tell me what I need or give me what I need, that would be great. I don’t have an exact time yet, but I will have one for you next week.

Take care and know that I love y’all so dearly and eternally!

We will be attending the Birmingham temple this next week 🙂  I am SO excited!  I love the temple!  It is so exciting that now I get to help Rhiannon, our recent convert to prepare to enter the temple to do baptisms for the dead and feel the peace that is there!  The temple here is only open at night.  Y’all don’t realize how blessed y’all are to have the temples so close around and running all day.

Use the temple; go as often as you can, no matter what it takes!  As soon as Caleb is 12, we all need to go to the temple together!  We have ancestors who are waiting for us to help them, to find them and to link them to us!  I can’t do it now, I need you Caleb, Miriam, Andrew, Sarah, Ben, Kyli, Nate, Becca, Ria, Joe, Mom and Dad to take care of our family and gather them in from the storm!

Much love and happy wishes, Ever faithful

Sister Anna Wright


Dear Family,

I love you with all my heart and I am so grateful for all that you have taught me! Thank you SO much for being you!

Yes, my Talladega address is safe for y’all to send packages to. 🙂

Thank y’all, I really do need to get some things as I am “freezing my royal rastafarian neenee’s off!” I really appreciate y’all helping me out. I feel bad and I am sorry that I don’t have enough to pay for it myself, but I promise that I will contribute to taking care of y’all in y’all’s old age… 😉

Speaking of getting old, I can’t wait to see all y’all on Christmas! I would love to see how all the kids have grown and everything else.

My friend, Elder Alex Anderson, only has a few transfers left and then he will be returning home. We have continued to keep in touch and he has been such a strength to me especially while I was struggling with Sister Smith. It would be neat for y’all to meet him and maybe go to his homecoming, since I can’t go… anyway.

My new companion is the sweetest woman! Her name is Sister Williams and she is from Highland Utah. She doesn’t know Tyler or Christie, already asked… we have so much in common! Even snow, she loves snow! We are really enjoying our time together! Don’t worry now, but I am going to tell y’all a funny story that we just had to laugh about to save us from dying of embarrassment:

Two nights ago, we decided to drop off cookies with a Christmas message and instructions to keep the service going (we called them elf cookies) to the neighbors of the members we stay with. We are both from Utah where people drop things off at night all the time. It gets dark here beginning just before 5pm. We couldn’t tract or do service (rake leaves) anymore so we went home, fed the dogs and then we made the cookies and messages. I was very pleased with the results and excited to deliver the cookies, wondering if these people would really do this.

We went to the first neighbor and I asked Sister Williams if we were going to ring and run or hand the cookies to them at the door. We decided to ring and run. Bad idea in Alabama after dark. Even though it wasn’t very late. We waited for a long time, but no one came to the door, they just turned on the porch light and we were stuck in our hiding place until we decided just to run for it.

Well, we didn’t know, but that was the house of a little old lady who lives alone. We scared her so bad that she called the police. We actually passed a police car on our way to deliver another plate of cookies and I thought nothing of it until Sister Williams said, “wouldn’t it be awkward if he went to that house we were just at.” Well… on our way back home after a similar experience at the other house (no one answering the door, just turned on the porch light and asked who was there…) the police officer passed us and as he did, flagged us down. I rolled down the window and he asked if we had been dropping off cookies tonight. It was SO awkward. I felt really stupid. He was kind and I think trying not to laugh at us… another officer pulled up behind him and joined the conversation.

They asked who we were with and explained that it was a lady who lives all alone and that she was pretty freaked out. I felt so bad! We told them that we are both from Utah and they seemed to understand, we assured them that we would not be repeating this activity in the dark, and we certainly will not doorbell ditch ever again… so yeah… hard lesson to learn, but gave us something to laugh real hard about and a story to tell y’all about crazy sister missionaries trying to do service and spread Christmas cheer in ‘Bama…. :/ It kind of reminds me of the story that dad told about the old lady on his mission that called the police on them when they were tracking. Funny.

Thanksgiving was DELICIOUS! And I got to eat lots of leftovers! I will be getting recipes! Especially for Sweet potato casserole! So yummy! Oh and cheesy biscuits! Super good! sounds like y’all’s was wonderful! So much to be thankful for!

I am so happy for Kylee! She is so beautiful and so talented and sweet! Tyler better treat her well!

I am so pleased with our family and our love for each other and that we read and pray together and for each other. That is what keeps us together! Something that helps is pointing our arrows outward. Focus on others is the key to happiness! This transfer I am working and focusing more on looking outside myself and trying to help others starting with my companion. Sister Smith is still in my Zone so I will get to see her often enough to check up on her.

I feel similar to Alma as he describes in Alma 36. Instead of pains due to sin, it is due to stress over the past two transfers. Now that I have a companion who I am able to be more equally yoked to, my joy and relief are exceeding as was my pain and stress! The Lord is so merciful!

Y’all need to look up and watch a YouTube video. It is The Little Drummer Boy sung Acapella by a group that reminds me of Munford and sons or something like that. wow! President Cote, our branch president shared it with us on Thanksgiving. It gave me the chills. We talked about how that group, even though they don’t have the fullness of the gospel, they are offering their talents, all that they have to the King, our Savior.

Sister Cote made a banana cream pie just for me! Well because I said I like that kind, I didn’t get to eat the whole thing… I discovered that dad is the only guy who milks down eggnog…. ha ha! I miss so many things about y’all around the holidays, but I am sacrificing one year with y’all so that Alabamians can spend eternity with theirs!

I love y’all so much and I am sure Andrew will do wonderful in his concert! I wish I could hear him play, for I miss His handsome voice and hearing that boss of a French horn player! 😉 I love you bro! Please email me and ask me any questions you have about missionary life/ work. I am one of your best resources because I am currently one… I miss you! I miss having our conversations! I need your help! Please write me, just one paragraph, or half, I just need to hear from you, from you, not mom and dad or any other siblings!

Love y’all SOOOOOOOO much! Please, remember who you are! Remember who we all are and where we can go and who we can be and treat each other as we can become! It works so much better and criticizing and trying to correct. I know because I spent the past 12 weeks, trying to improve my companion and I realized, with a lot of humbling from the Lord, that I was the one who needed to change. Heavenly Father helped me to see Sister Smith in a better light, to see her as He sees her and I began to treat her like the missionary that I wanted her to be and you know what? She became that missionary. She isn’t perfect….. but I love her.

Wow! Perspective is a very interesting thing. My Father in Heaven is teaching me so many things and I feel my eyes opening wider and wider every day. It is not so much of new things that I am learning, but rather “getting” the things that y’all taught me when I was growing up and I am having the experiences that bring it home.

I am very sorry for my prideful ways before the mission! Sometimes I wish I could help others (Andrew and Miriam and Caleb) see and feel and know what I see, feel and know so that you and mom would be saved from going through yet another prideful, headstrong teenager. I pray for y’all every night and day and I strive to be the kind, thoughtful, courteous, respectful, selfless woman that y’all always taught me to be and believed that I could be and treated me as such!

That is one of the best concepts to realize, that people become who they are expected to be or treated like they are. As a missionary, there are kind of two ways to look at the world, either everyone are sinners and devilish and evil because they don’t know the truth or they weren’t taught or whatever, or you can see them as God, their Father sees them, precious sons and daughters who have strayed from the path, who were lead astray and don’t know how to find their way back and keep getting more lost every day a they try to find their way in the dark. Every single person I pass on the street or in their car or in the grocery store, they all have the potential and divine destiny to become a God or Goddess, they just need to be lead in the right direction. If we treat them like they can become, they have a better chance of becoming that way.

My companion is Sister Williams from Highland Utah! She is a sweetheart! She is very kind and sweet and I love her very much! We actually have quite a bit in common and I love studying with her! She is actually the first companion that I think I have really, truly enjoyed doing companion studies with. The Lord is so merciful and I am grateful to be His daughter!

I love y’all so much! I will get y’all the address for skype or the phone number asap. We have already had some members offer we just need to talk to them to work out details. Thank you so much for taking care of the money in my account! I am going to be ready to get right back to work and school when I get home to provide for myself, but after I spend a very good chunk of time with y’all! I miss spending time with the fam!

Love, Sister Wright