Greetings from ‘Bama!

Yesterday, I got a taste of winter. I am going to need to do some shopping for some warm clothing. I am going to be doing a lot of layering too. This cold is very different from the Utah cold… this cold cuts pretty literally to the bone! But I LOVE IT! πŸ˜€

Now, before y’all think I am crazy… oh wait, y’all already do! πŸ˜‰ Anywho…. I love the cold because I love wearing layers and bundling up! My white rain coat has been getting lots of use and a great number of compliments! Thank y’all for sending it!

I need to be better about taking and sending y’all pictures, I apologize and will surely repent!

How wonderful to hear the new about the Black family! That must have been one spiritual Sacrament meeting!

I got to play my violin with Sister Lacky on the flute and sister Striklin on the piano during our sacrament meeting. We played Love at Home and everyone just loved it! Many members were crying…

We had amazing talks on tithing and the law of consecration that were very well done, then I had the opportunity to teach the gospel principles class consisting of our two branch missionaries, our branch mission leader, our recent convert, R., and my companion, Sister Smith. The lesson was on the plan of Salvation, but the spirit directed it to where it needed to go and we ended up talking about Revelation and the Spirit’s role in conversion and Salvation and also about patriarchal blessings and temple work for our families and linking our ties beyond the grave! What a powerful lesson! I am so grateful that I was able to invite the spirit and that He truly taught all of us! We were all edified, enlightened and uplifted!

That is the best part of being a missionary, being a tool to invite the spirit and watching Him teach as I am able to testify!

After church, Sister Smith and I went around to visit everyone here in Talladega that she wanted to say goodbye to. Yes, my dear companion is leaving me and Talladega. : ( We have been able to get really close and truly enjoy the last few weeks together and I am sad, but relieved.

She told me this morning that she has learned more from me than she has her whole mission. I know that she didn’t learn anything from me, but that my love and service toward her allowed her to learn what Heavenly Father needed her to learn to help her become an even better and more successful missionary!

I am very humbled and grateful to have been able to assist in the work of building the kingdom the past two transfers by building my sister! I thank y’all your all of y’all’s prayers on our behalf! I have learned a great deal as well and I am grateful to Sister Smith for allowing me to learn from her!

It is difficult for me to remember everything that happened this week. There is so much that happens, it is hard to keep it straight. I have tried to use my journal, but by the end of the day, I am so tired that I don’t keep a record of everything that happened, I just write the important things such as the miracles and blessings or how the Lord helped me to overcome a hard thing.

This week we were able to begin teaching a part member family which our branch missionaries visited and set up an appointment for us! Our branch missionaries are AMAZING!! This family says that they are not learning like they need to at the church they have been attending and the church which the husband just recently was baptized into. He is a “new Christian” as they call him and he wants to learn all he can about Jesus Christ and His doctrine!

They like to talk a lot, so we didn’t get too far in the actual lesson, but it was important that we listened to them and their needs. They set up another time that we could come back and really start teaching them the lessons. I am so excited and I pray that we will be able to help them to feel the spirit and have an experience with Him so that they may come to know for themselves that what we are teaching them is true and that they will chose to act on it!

They have two children who have not been baptized. The mother has not been to church for a long time and is almost equivalent to a non member, so we will be teaching her as well.

R., our recent convert is so stellar! She is on fire and she encourages me to be better! Every time we go see her she has a new experience where she felt the spirit testify to or through her to someone else! I have never been able to see a recent convert except for Bryce from the YSA ward and it is so powerful! I get to work more closely with R. than I did with Bryce, but he was such an inspiration to me! Now R. is as well! It only took her about a month to join the church and she is strong in it.

I am excited to be staying here in Talladega and Lincoln for another transfer and over the holidays! We were invited over to the Branch President’s house and possibly a part member family’s. K., an investigator whose father is a member, just had her baby shower and she invited us. We got to do service for them (finally) and help set up. She is looking more mature every time we see her. I see a lot of progress as we have been teaching her, but I still don’t know if she really understands the urgency and importance of getting baptized. She is so close, she just needs to come to church and have some more of those spiritual experiences and pray to know.

She could be such a force for good in this world, especially for her son and the babies daddy. Ka….. sigh…. we haven’t seen her in a little bit. We decided to let her have a chance to exercise her faith and to think and decide if this is something she wants. She knows it is true. She prayed and got her answer, but she has family and other forces trying to pull her another way. I pray that she will be able to recognize the difference and that she will chose to fight. She is a very strong young woman and she would be so powerful!

I pray every day for inspiration to know how I can best invite and help her in this battle. We are hoping to go see her this next week so that Sister Smith can say goodbye.

That was good mom. I am sure Jordan appreciated your offer! πŸ™‚ I will probably be doing a whole lot of raking and house/yard work when I get home. It has been interesting serving with a sister who will be going home soon. We have been working on keeping her mind focused on the work and far away from anything to do with trunks πŸ˜‰ She is doing well and actually teaching much butter and more! I am very pleased with the progress that she has been able to make.

I am so pleased with you Andrew! Como un heffe! I want to see pictures! I have played Killer Bunnies, and will be so happy to play anything that y’all want to play when I get home! I will be so happy just to spend time with y’all!

What?! sisters in Utah?!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! Tell them that I give them permission to use y’all! Tell them thank you from me for sacrificing to serve in my home town! And they will have a member missionary out of me when I get home! πŸ˜‰ That is so exciting!

I love y’all so much and I am so pleased to be able to claim y’all! Steadfast in Christ!

Love forever and eternity,

Sister Anna Wright


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