11/25/2013 – Mission Pres. Letter

My Fellow Missionaries,

I hope you enjoyed Zone Conference as much as I did! Thank you to all who participated and taught and provided wonderful musical numbers. Also, would you please be sure to thank the Relief Society sisters in your Stakes who provided the delicious food for us. (Unsung heroes, right!)

By now, you should each have had the opportunity with your companion to practice the role-plays on the Baptismal Commitment – early and often. Thank you for doing this as promised.

Have you had a chance to teach about the Holy Ghost earlier in your lessons? I hope so. Remember John 15:26, followed by John 14:26, and DC 8:2. Then point it out if you feel it during the lesson.

And finally, have you had a chance to reflect on Alma 7:11-13. He overcame our (1) death, (2) sins, AND (3) sicknesses, infirmities and inadequacies!

Bless you here in the South! We love you so much and are so grateful for you and frankly, we are in awe of you and what you accomplish, and what you are becoming. Thank you for your goodness and hope you are providing the world. Sister Hanks says, “If I’ve got a biscuit, you’ve got half!”

With much love,

President Hanks


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