Yes a stand and music would be wonderful! If y’all could find a book of arrangements of hymns that would be fabulous! Also if the solo books are not being used, like Suzuki book 6 and solos for young violinists, I would love those as well.

My memory is fading. My ability to play by ear is a blessing because I will get requests of other songs that I don’t know – I just have to get the tune in my head and figure it out on the violin.

The Lord has helped me very much, but I would love to be able to broaden my library of things to play. I go and play in the park and we tell people to look up Lindsey Sterling on mormon.org and I offer my abilities to play for someone’s birthday or whatever.

Thank you so much! I love the fiddle book! That is perfect! People down here like the fast, fiddle stuff. 🙂 I don’t know of any stores here that I could get music at.

For Christmas I need warm clothing, or money to buy warm clothing for winter and boots. I don’t need too much, but there are a few things I need. There are tonz of thrift stores here and that is how we do it! I would really like a puzzle over 1000 pieces or more if possible. Pictures and letters of and from everyone! Spider cookies!!!!!!! 😀 I am working really hard not to eat sweets or sugar except what is sent to me or fed to me by members. I have lost weight and am slimming down, but I would love to have a little bit of comfort from home! It is more for the memories than the sugar or taste. MUSIC!!!! Is there any way to get me some Disney music and August Rush has some missionary appropriate music! October Sky maybe, the Book of Mormon video soundtrack just on CDs.

How hard would it be to send tapes back and forth? I think that might help me a lot. If y’all could just take a minute and say something encouraging or tell me something exciting that’s happening. Maybe for Christmas or my year mark or when Andrew gets his mission call? I don’t know…

Thank you for sharing your testimony with me! I love hearing you testify and share what you know and your experiences with the spirit. As Nephi says, it gives me a desire to know for myself or to experience what you have!

Yesterday in Relief Society, the lesson was on not judging or gossiping and we got to write something positive that we think about everyone on a piece of paper that had their name on it and at the end we got to take home our paper with our name on it. I loved it! One of the sisters said that the light of Christ shines through when I talk.

I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting. We are so small that there can be a lot of silence in those meetings. Everyone who shows up had time to share their testimony pretty much. Even visitors. 🙂

I love the priesthood holding men in the branch! They are so stalwart! They never complain even though they have such a load to carry and much more responsibility than those in a ward, because there is significantly less of them. The members in this branch care so much about each individual and they truly take care of and watch over one another! I have learned so much from this branch!

Thank y’all for your prayers in behalf of our investigators! We now have 3 of them with baptism dates. Kaleigh needs to come to church one more time and be interviewed and she can be baptized! She is progressing beautifully! We have other investigators who aren’t far behind!

This area is just blossoming and I am grateful to be able to help reap the fruits of the seeds planted by previous missionaries as well as Sister Smith and myself! This also means that Satan is working extra hard to stop this growth and progression and so we must be faithful and diligent in all things and with the Lord! I know that without Him I am nothing and I can do nothing of myself as to my own strength I am weak. But with My Lord and My God, nothing shall be impossible! I continue to trust in Him and His timing!

How are Uncle David and Aunt Michelle? I have been thinking about them a lot lately! I don’t think I have their email address. Could y’all send that to me? I also need Uncle Tyler and Aunt Christine, and all the Aunts and Uncles addresses.

I received letters from the Stapf family and even a friend of theirs that simply brightened a difficult day for me!

I would love to be able to keep contact with other family members! Especially Katie Smith! When is Kylee our cousin getting married again?

It is more difficult for me to print pictures off of email so if y’all could send prints to me that would be fabulous!

I hope the Blacks are all doing well! I am so excited for them!

Now for an experience from the week as written in Sister Wright’s journal:

“November 2, 2013:

Today I feel kinda like a failure as a missionary. We were told by a man to “take a hike” because we are the mormons and not Jehovah’s witnesses. It took literally all of my strength to hide the tears about to buldge out of my eyes.

Then we went to the library and worked on putting together a calender for one of our investigators progressing towards baptism, and as we were getting up to leave, I decided to give a mormon.org card to the woman sitting at the table next to us.

We gave it to her and she looked at it, turning it over in her hands while we told her about it. she asked “What’s a mormon?” We told her and she said she had never heard anything except the guys in white sirts and ties on their bikes.

She is going to school and had two kids. We asked if she wanted to know more and she said yes, she would. We exchanged phone numbers and she asked if there was a church here. We are going to call her and go teach her and her kids.

We told her the gospel is centered on Christ and families are an essential part of the gospel as well. We helped her get her keys out of her locked car and she told us to call her!”

Sister Smith was able to help me laugh about what that man said later that night before bed and I was super grateful for the wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with that woman we met!

I love how merciful the Lord is and how He leads us to the elect and those who are prepared to hear the gospel and to change their lives to live by Christ’s teachings! I know the Lord lives and loves me! I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and that if we but have a desire and we act on that with faith that we will recieve the help and enlightenment that we need! If we will pray and sincerely, humbly ask for help, we will receive clear guidance in our lives if we are living in harmony with the teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ!

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith through the gift and power of God! I know that the prophets and authors and people written about in the Book of Mormon are true because I have read every word myself and I have prayed with a sincere desire to know that they were true and I did receive an answer. Not as a voice, but rather a feeling that swelled in my heart and ran down through each of my limbs, warmth and love coursing through me and I knew that the Book was true because anything that made me feel so much love and peace and warmth and joy could not be evil, it must be good and must be of God!

I invite each of you all to accept this challenge. Experiment, read the Book of Mormon with an open heart and mind and then ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Christ if it is not true, believing that He will answer you. I know that if you do this that you will receive an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, and if the book is true, then you must act. You must live its teachings. I promise that you will have added peace and joy in your live that LAST FOREVER and to which there is no end!

This is my testimony and invitation to y’all! Once you know for yourself, invite and share with others to do the same that we might all be glorified together in our Lord and Redeemer!

May the Lord draw near unto you as y’all draw near unto Him, may he strengthen y’all as y’all rely on Him and resolve to do what y’all know is right. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

-Have a blessed week!

Sister Wright

Firm in the Faith


One thought on “11/4/2013

  1. Hi Sweet Anna–Just sending a hug and some love your way. All of those ya’lls you write into your blog message sure do bring back memories of life in Alabama~
    your Aunt Michelle

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