Hey y’all! How y’all doing?

Sister Hanks called while we were emailing at the library last week. She called to make sure my violin got to me and she thanked me for the great work I am doing. She asked who I knew before the mission, and who is serving here too. After I told her the names, she said she must have been somewhere with both Sister Waters and Sister Nyland, and my name was brought up and they both said how much they love me and that they know me from school and before the mission.

That was so cool! It felt great to know that I have been able to be a good influence even before my mission.

I got to work on a puzzle last week as well with the member we stay with in Lincoln! How wonderful it was to just let all the stress go and focus on one of the things I do best! πŸ™‚

Monday evening we got to go see one of our investigators who we have been struggling to get a hold of and we talked about 3 Ne. 11, when the Savior appears to the Nephites, and we asked her to read it and then said we would go back and watch the Testaments with her.

On Tuesday night we got to have an incredible lesson with a young girl who is so faithful and strong and intelligent! We talked about the Atonement because she said that had stuck out to her when she was reading the pamphlet we left with her and also when she was reading the bible. She said she would come to church, but this weekend was race weekend and traffic is SCARY especially heading between Lincoln and Talladega.

None of our investigators came to church this week. My goal for this next week is to do everything possible to get our investigators there. We did have a few less actives come though! That was wonderful!

Anyway, we explained the importance of church and sacrament to her and invited her to bring a question with her to church and that she would receive an answer. She said she really wanted to do it and she would get a ride with her grandma, but they didn’t make it. We will have to find out when we go visit her this week.Β It is hard only being in her area for half of the week.

Wednesday I got up and really worked out. I did calf raises (Andrew should see my calves…) knee curls, jumping jacks and then I ran from the Parker’s house trailer to the fence back and forth for a while. Sister Smith stood on the porch and watched and Sister Parker came out and they started laughing at me. I must have looked pretty funny… πŸ˜€ ha ha!

We went over to a Sister’s house on our way back to Talladega and she fed us a very Southern lunch (potato salad, corn bread, northern beans, polish cabbage mmmm!, some corn salad thing, and pink lemonade) Oooh it was so delicious! After lunch we worked on some of the hymns that this Sister will be playing in sacrament meeting.

She taught herself how to play! She struggles a little with keeping strict timing because she played for a different church most of her life growing up until she joined this one. She is amazing and plays beautifully! I played the violin for her and she wants to sing a duet with me sometime! She loves me and she says that my timing helps her a lot. She had me clap for her before church yesterday to help her.

I am so grateful for the talents and gifts my Father in Heaven has given me and that my earthly parents have helped me to cultivate and improve! I have used the violin a lot!!!! Thank you again from me and all of the people here in Talladega for sending it to me! I am looking for ways to use it in contacting too!

I played my violin at the park and got to talk to some kids and their mom about the gospel and baptism and gave them some pass along cards. πŸ™‚ I played for a member’s mother’s birthday yesterday. I love it!

Sister Lewis, my first trainee is now in my district! I am so excited! I should be seeing her Tuesday at district meeting! Yay! I love her SO much! We got along so well and we just had such a blast doing the work. It didn’t feel like work with her.

Thursday: from my journal

“Had to sleep in this morning cause I was so tired I couldn’t move. Sister Smith was very kind and understanding. I got up and showered but had to lay back down during personal study. Weekly planning brought out some irritation and Sister Smith and I were able to talk through it.

Sister Smith wrote me a nice little note that helped me. I spent a little time in the bathroom. Praying for the Lord’s help in overcoming my irritation. He did. I thanked him over and over in my heart and in my mind.

We walked 2 miles to the church with Crystal and her girls to bible study, then walked 2 miles back. K. and M. came after their English class (they are investigators)! ”

Crystal went out with us on Friday and we taught some awesome lessons, not because of us, but because of the spirit! Lessons are so much more powerful with a member! She practically is begging us to go out with us again! She is such a powerhouse!

I love this work, I love y’all with all of my heart!

Oh Bonnie and Uncle Brett sent me letters! That was so helpful!


Sister Wright


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