Another week has passed.

I will hit my 6 month mark on the 17th. The day after transfers. Sister Smith and I will be staying in Talladega. We are both excited as we have quite a few baptisms that could very possibly go through this transfer!

Talladega and Lincoln need baptisms and excitement! I am so grateful that I get to stay and continue to sink in and try to be of service to these people, my brothers and sisters!

I got my violin!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Sister Memory and her mother came and dropped it off with some homemade biscuits. MMMMMM!!! So good! And then they took us out to lunch.

Sister Memory was able to tell me about Montgomery and what has been going on, she explained the weather y’all had in Utah over Conference weekend (I asked). What a lovely visit! We laughed and joked  and she is supposed to be giving her husband a message from me as well as the Capitol ward! Sister Memory also said that she loves y’all!! I knew y’all would just love each other!

I was NOT expecting the violin that y’all sent. I thought y’all would send the cheaper one. Was that a mistake because y’all were in a hurry? I cried when I opened the case and saw my Stallion laying in there! Sister Hanks is worried about the safety of it, I have been super careful about it. The area I am am in is not too bad so it is ok and the members, well… everyone loves it!

Last night we had FHE at a family we have been working with who is recently reactivating and when I told them that I had gotten my violin, they didn’t ask, they told me I was bringing it over. ha ha!

That was such a neat experience. I helped the three little girls play twinkle twinkle little star and then their mom wanted to try to learn. She loves music and she had huge eyes and paid such close attention with such delight! Her faith and devotion and excitement about the gospel is astounding! I am so grateful to have it here. I have been able to see how it brings people closer to Christ and I am grateful for this talent and y’all for encouraging me in it because I can express my testimony through it far better than words.

Down here in the South, music is understood far better than words. The faith of these people is so childlike and pure and unwavering!

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting in our small little branch building (where we use the same room for all three meetings for adults) I was sitting next to a Sister who has recently started coming back to church. I was admiring her beautiful, dark hands and then looked at mine and I was thinking about how I wanted to be as dark as she was, then I realized that we were different colors. I am white/caucasian and she is black. That was the strangest thought to me.  In my mind, she is my sister and we are the same.   I am absolutely in love with black and white people.

Before my mission I had only seen like one black person up close in real life, not on tv. Here they are everywhere, but It doesn’t scare me or even seem different until someone points it out and I realize that I was not used to seeing them before. I guess what I am trying to say, is that I don’t see color of skin. I see people’s hearts and I see their potential.  I see everyone dressed in the most beautiful, most pure white.

I was looking through one of our folders during weekly planning this last week and I found an old teaching record for two investigators. I looked on the back for a reason that they were dropped, but saw nothing. I felt strongly that we needed to go see them. When we went on exchanges with the STLs, Sister B. and I went to try to find them. We did and the lady was so excited she couldn’t contain it. She said she and her fiance (the other investigator) had just been talking about the missionaries and she had been praying for us to come. She said we came right on time.

We went back and taught them both together. They are working on getting a divorce and remarried so they can get baptized. They need to read and pray together and come to church.   He has work so he can’t always come, but he is supposed to be able to come next week. She has such fire and tried to share the gospel with everyone.

I love y’all SO much! I pray for you all every day and think of you all often. I made and ate Gumbo this week.

Keep the faith, Steadfast in Christ!

Your daughter, sister, friend etc…

Sister Wright


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