The Lord is so good! I loved conference and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us a Prophet to lead and guide us!

Oh! I LOVE the Memorys!!!!!! They are the dearest people in the world! I am so glad that y’all got to spend time together! Isn’t Sister Memory just the epitome of a Southern woman?! MMMhhhhmmm! They have made such a difference to me and my ability to keep pushing on in difficult times! Kindred spirits!

Ok well I need to go dad, I love you and I am saving a huge HMS hug for you! I feel your love as I pray and every time I look at that picture of you and I!

Keep strong and Steadfast in Christ!

Your eternal daughter,

Sister Anna Wright

Oh we walked with a single mother and her 3 daughters 2 mi to the church to watch conference yesterday! That was amazing! Then it poured rain and we got a ride home!


My dear mother,

We have a few investigators who we try to teach, but only about 2 or 3 of them are truly progressing that we know of.  We go between two areas and that makes it difficult and also people have had to cancel on us a lot and they are gone when we go by etc…

There is a very sweet young lady who is so ready for baptism, but we have some legal issues in the way and trying to catch her at home has been difficult, but this young lady is seriously incredible!  She wants to be a travel nurse and she broke up with her boyfriend one day because she decided that she wants to pursue her goal and that he is only going to hold her back.

She is very intelligent and she has good questions about the Book of Mormon and what she read in it when we meet with her.  She loves history and she loves the principle of faith! We just need to find a way to get her to church and find out who’s permission she needs to be baptized.

This young woman has the potential to rise way above the situation into which she was born and she is working very hard and well to do so!  I am so pleased with her and I love her very much! I pray that we can be able to figure these things out and that the Lord will provide a way.

Mamma, the Lord has been so good to me and helped me with so many miracles, no matter how seemingly small, they were important and big to me at the time. Sister Smith and I were struggling to find activities to keep ourselves busy in the evenings and were having difficulty staying out until 9 pm, I prayed that we would be able to find ways to stay out until 9 and as I searched for something, anything to keep us out and working, he helped us to think of something, even though it was small and no baptisms have been a result yet… we have been able to be more obedient and we have been able to talk to someone about the gospel every single time!

We had a district meeting this week on Tuesday (our last one) and there was an investigator of one of the sets of Elders there.  All of us had met her at the last district meeting because the Elders thought it would be great for her to meet Sister missionaries. She is very sweet and has great desires, she just needs to take that step of faith and trust that it is the right decision.

Anyway, each companionship was asked to prepare training on one principle of the Gospel or Doctrine of Christ. Sister Smith and I got to teach on the Holy Ghost.  While I was testifying, and I looked at her and the other missionaries, I knew He was there.  I felt Him testifying through me.  That was a tender mercy!

After that we did role plays where we split up into smaller groups and we practice teaching. Elder Lebaron put me in a group with the Spanish sisters and this investigator. Wow! That was cool and so powerful! I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach with a those two wonderful sister missionaries.

There is only about one week and 2-3 days left in this transfer. Crazy!  October 17th is my 6 month mark.  The time goes by so quickly, but I do not feel like it is too fast nor too slow.  I am working hard to enjoy every moment in the Lord’s service.  I am still living my dream.  I know that these challenges are what will shape me into the purified temple that the Lord sees that I can be.

I do enjoy every moment of my mission. I want you to know that I do have a relationship with my Father in Heaven and also with my Savior and I strengthen it every day. I turn to them in everything and I am learning to become more like them.

I miss y’all so much! I love and appreciate all y’all! I know that if we continue in our conversion and keep the faith, that one day we will be able to stand together as a family confident at the coming of the Savior and we will recognize Him because we will be like Him!

You are so dear to me and I carry your love and teachings and example everywhere with me in my heart! God be with y’all til we meet again!

Your daughter,

Sister Anna Wright


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