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Hey y’all! How y’all doing?

Sister Hanks called while we were emailing at the library last week. She called to make sure my violin got to me and she thanked me for the great work I am doing. She asked who I knew before the mission, and who is serving here too. After I told her the names, she said she must have been somewhere with both Sister Waters and Sister Nyland, and my name was brought up and they both said how much they love me and that they know me from school and before the mission.

That was so cool! It felt great to know that I have been able to be a good influence even before my mission.

I got to work on a puzzle last week as well with the member we stay with in Lincoln! How wonderful it was to just let all the stress go and focus on one of the things I do best! 🙂

Monday evening we got to go see one of our investigators who we have been struggling to get a hold of and we talked about 3 Ne. 11, when the Savior appears to the Nephites, and we asked her to read it and then said we would go back and watch the Testaments with her.

On Tuesday night we got to have an incredible lesson with a young girl who is so faithful and strong and intelligent! We talked about the Atonement because she said that had stuck out to her when she was reading the pamphlet we left with her and also when she was reading the bible. She said she would come to church, but this weekend was race weekend and traffic is SCARY especially heading between Lincoln and Talladega.

None of our investigators came to church this week. My goal for this next week is to do everything possible to get our investigators there. We did have a few less actives come though! That was wonderful!

Anyway, we explained the importance of church and sacrament to her and invited her to bring a question with her to church and that she would receive an answer. She said she really wanted to do it and she would get a ride with her grandma, but they didn’t make it. We will have to find out when we go visit her this week. It is hard only being in her area for half of the week.

Wednesday I got up and really worked out. I did calf raises (Andrew should see my calves…) knee curls, jumping jacks and then I ran from the Parker’s house trailer to the fence back and forth for a while. Sister Smith stood on the porch and watched and Sister Parker came out and they started laughing at me. I must have looked pretty funny… 😀 ha ha!

We went over to a Sister’s house on our way back to Talladega and she fed us a very Southern lunch (potato salad, corn bread, northern beans, polish cabbage mmmm!, some corn salad thing, and pink lemonade) Oooh it was so delicious! After lunch we worked on some of the hymns that this Sister will be playing in sacrament meeting.

She taught herself how to play! She struggles a little with keeping strict timing because she played for a different church most of her life growing up until she joined this one. She is amazing and plays beautifully! I played the violin for her and she wants to sing a duet with me sometime! She loves me and she says that my timing helps her a lot. She had me clap for her before church yesterday to help her.

I am so grateful for the talents and gifts my Father in Heaven has given me and that my earthly parents have helped me to cultivate and improve! I have used the violin a lot!!!! Thank you again from me and all of the people here in Talladega for sending it to me! I am looking for ways to use it in contacting too!

I played my violin at the park and got to talk to some kids and their mom about the gospel and baptism and gave them some pass along cards. 🙂 I played for a member’s mother’s birthday yesterday. I love it!

Sister Lewis, my first trainee is now in my district! I am so excited! I should be seeing her Tuesday at district meeting! Yay! I love her SO much! We got along so well and we just had such a blast doing the work. It didn’t feel like work with her.

Thursday: from my journal

“Had to sleep in this morning cause I was so tired I couldn’t move. Sister Smith was very kind and understanding. I got up and showered but had to lay back down during personal study. Weekly planning brought out some irritation and Sister Smith and I were able to talk through it.

Sister Smith wrote me a nice little note that helped me. I spent a little time in the bathroom. Praying for the Lord’s help in overcoming my irritation. He did. I thanked him over and over in my heart and in my mind.

We walked 2 miles to the church with Crystal and her girls to bible study, then walked 2 miles back. K. and M. came after their English class (they are investigators)! ”

Crystal went out with us on Friday and we taught some awesome lessons, not because of us, but because of the spirit! Lessons are so much more powerful with a member! She practically is begging us to go out with us again! She is such a powerhouse!

I love this work, I love y’all with all of my heart!

Oh Bonnie and Uncle Brett sent me letters! That was so helpful!


Sister Wright



Another week has passed.

I will hit my 6 month mark on the 17th. The day after transfers. Sister Smith and I will be staying in Talladega. We are both excited as we have quite a few baptisms that could very possibly go through this transfer!

Talladega and Lincoln need baptisms and excitement! I am so grateful that I get to stay and continue to sink in and try to be of service to these people, my brothers and sisters!

I got my violin!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Sister Memory and her mother came and dropped it off with some homemade biscuits. MMMMMM!!! So good! And then they took us out to lunch.

Sister Memory was able to tell me about Montgomery and what has been going on, she explained the weather y’all had in Utah over Conference weekend (I asked). What a lovely visit! We laughed and joked  and she is supposed to be giving her husband a message from me as well as the Capitol ward! Sister Memory also said that she loves y’all!! I knew y’all would just love each other!

I was NOT expecting the violin that y’all sent. I thought y’all would send the cheaper one. Was that a mistake because y’all were in a hurry? I cried when I opened the case and saw my Stallion laying in there! Sister Hanks is worried about the safety of it, I have been super careful about it. The area I am am in is not too bad so it is ok and the members, well… everyone loves it!

Last night we had FHE at a family we have been working with who is recently reactivating and when I told them that I had gotten my violin, they didn’t ask, they told me I was bringing it over. ha ha!

That was such a neat experience. I helped the three little girls play twinkle twinkle little star and then their mom wanted to try to learn. She loves music and she had huge eyes and paid such close attention with such delight! Her faith and devotion and excitement about the gospel is astounding! I am so grateful to have it here. I have been able to see how it brings people closer to Christ and I am grateful for this talent and y’all for encouraging me in it because I can express my testimony through it far better than words.

Down here in the South, music is understood far better than words. The faith of these people is so childlike and pure and unwavering!

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting in our small little branch building (where we use the same room for all three meetings for adults) I was sitting next to a Sister who has recently started coming back to church. I was admiring her beautiful, dark hands and then looked at mine and I was thinking about how I wanted to be as dark as she was, then I realized that we were different colors. I am white/caucasian and she is black. That was the strangest thought to me.  In my mind, she is my sister and we are the same.   I am absolutely in love with black and white people.

Before my mission I had only seen like one black person up close in real life, not on tv. Here they are everywhere, but It doesn’t scare me or even seem different until someone points it out and I realize that I was not used to seeing them before. I guess what I am trying to say, is that I don’t see color of skin. I see people’s hearts and I see their potential.  I see everyone dressed in the most beautiful, most pure white.

I was looking through one of our folders during weekly planning this last week and I found an old teaching record for two investigators. I looked on the back for a reason that they were dropped, but saw nothing. I felt strongly that we needed to go see them. When we went on exchanges with the STLs, Sister B. and I went to try to find them. We did and the lady was so excited she couldn’t contain it. She said she and her fiance (the other investigator) had just been talking about the missionaries and she had been praying for us to come. She said we came right on time.

We went back and taught them both together. They are working on getting a divorce and remarried so they can get baptized. They need to read and pray together and come to church.   He has work so he can’t always come, but he is supposed to be able to come next week. She has such fire and tried to share the gospel with everyone.

I love y’all SO much! I pray for you all every day and think of you all often. I made and ate Gumbo this week.

Keep the faith, Steadfast in Christ!

Your daughter, sister, friend etc…

Sister Wright



The Lord is so good! I loved conference and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us a Prophet to lead and guide us!

Oh! I LOVE the Memorys!!!!!! They are the dearest people in the world! I am so glad that y’all got to spend time together! Isn’t Sister Memory just the epitome of a Southern woman?! MMMhhhhmmm! They have made such a difference to me and my ability to keep pushing on in difficult times! Kindred spirits!

Ok well I need to go dad, I love you and I am saving a huge HMS hug for you! I feel your love as I pray and every time I look at that picture of you and I!

Keep strong and Steadfast in Christ!

Your eternal daughter,

Sister Anna Wright

Oh we walked with a single mother and her 3 daughters 2 mi to the church to watch conference yesterday! That was amazing! Then it poured rain and we got a ride home!


My dear mother,

We have a few investigators who we try to teach, but only about 2 or 3 of them are truly progressing that we know of.  We go between two areas and that makes it difficult and also people have had to cancel on us a lot and they are gone when we go by etc…

There is a very sweet young lady who is so ready for baptism, but we have some legal issues in the way and trying to catch her at home has been difficult, but this young lady is seriously incredible!  She wants to be a travel nurse and she broke up with her boyfriend one day because she decided that she wants to pursue her goal and that he is only going to hold her back.

She is very intelligent and she has good questions about the Book of Mormon and what she read in it when we meet with her.  She loves history and she loves the principle of faith! We just need to find a way to get her to church and find out who’s permission she needs to be baptized.

This young woman has the potential to rise way above the situation into which she was born and she is working very hard and well to do so!  I am so pleased with her and I love her very much! I pray that we can be able to figure these things out and that the Lord will provide a way.

Mamma, the Lord has been so good to me and helped me with so many miracles, no matter how seemingly small, they were important and big to me at the time. Sister Smith and I were struggling to find activities to keep ourselves busy in the evenings and were having difficulty staying out until 9 pm, I prayed that we would be able to find ways to stay out until 9 and as I searched for something, anything to keep us out and working, he helped us to think of something, even though it was small and no baptisms have been a result yet… we have been able to be more obedient and we have been able to talk to someone about the gospel every single time!

We had a district meeting this week on Tuesday (our last one) and there was an investigator of one of the sets of Elders there.  All of us had met her at the last district meeting because the Elders thought it would be great for her to meet Sister missionaries. She is very sweet and has great desires, she just needs to take that step of faith and trust that it is the right decision.

Anyway, each companionship was asked to prepare training on one principle of the Gospel or Doctrine of Christ. Sister Smith and I got to teach on the Holy Ghost.  While I was testifying, and I looked at her and the other missionaries, I knew He was there.  I felt Him testifying through me.  That was a tender mercy!

After that we did role plays where we split up into smaller groups and we practice teaching. Elder Lebaron put me in a group with the Spanish sisters and this investigator. Wow! That was cool and so powerful! I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach with a those two wonderful sister missionaries.

There is only about one week and 2-3 days left in this transfer. Crazy!  October 17th is my 6 month mark.  The time goes by so quickly, but I do not feel like it is too fast nor too slow.  I am working hard to enjoy every moment in the Lord’s service.  I am still living my dream.  I know that these challenges are what will shape me into the purified temple that the Lord sees that I can be.

I do enjoy every moment of my mission. I want you to know that I do have a relationship with my Father in Heaven and also with my Savior and I strengthen it every day. I turn to them in everything and I am learning to become more like them.

I miss y’all so much! I love and appreciate all y’all! I know that if we continue in our conversion and keep the faith, that one day we will be able to stand together as a family confident at the coming of the Savior and we will recognize Him because we will be like Him!

You are so dear to me and I carry your love and teachings and example everywhere with me in my heart! God be with y’all til we meet again!

Your daughter,

Sister Anna Wright


Mother mine,

You deserve far more praise than I am even able to express! You keep your covenants and you taught and teach all of your children to do the same! You are truly a queen!

I am so excited for y’all to meet the Memorys! I miss them so much!

I would love it is y’all could send some ribbon so I can tie it on the scroll of my violin and also on a few of my things to distinguish them.

PICTURES!!!! I realized that I don’t have pictures and I love pictures to put on my desk so I can see y’all and keep my vision. Pictures of y’all and the extended family or whatever y’all can find would be nice!

I will be sure to tell y’all all about the miracles. The Lord has been so good to me and so patient with me. Thank you for teaching me to always look for the miracles and tender mercies!


I love y’all! thank you so much for sharing those experiences with me!

Your daughter forever!

Sister Anna Wright

Mom and Dad!

So great to hear from you! Things are wonderful! I know the Lord loves me and He walks with me every day!

We had a PI go to the General Relief Society Broadcast with us. None of our Investigators came. One of them was planning on it but thought it was Sunday. We went and taught her on Sunday. She is making some wonderful progress! I hope that she is serious about changing and continues to have the desire to learn and that she will act and accept Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

We came across this family this last Saturday who is really struggling. The mom let us in to use the restroom and then when we offered to leave the blessings of the Savior on their home she got upset and told us she doesn’t want anything to do with her family, doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t need any blessing. her husband was kind and told us to give her a few days to cool down and come back and try later.

I felt so much love for this family! She is my sister and a daughter of God who has more than likely had a very difficult life and who is lost. She doesn’t remember who she is. I have been praying and fasting to know how we can help them and teach them!

It was SO great to hear from the General Relief society presidency as well as our beloved Prophet! Every time I listen to President Monson and I testify that he is the prophet called of God for this time, my own knowledge and testimony is confirmed and my heart burns within me! What a beautiful topic and perfect for missionary work!

I loved the choir of Sister missionaries from the MTC! Beautiful. Our neighbor who went with us cried.

During our bible study class that we do on Thursday nights at the church, which the branch members greatly support and which we have often times had investigators and non members attend, President Cote came and added to our understanding and the gospel discussion and application of the chapter in Revelation which we read! I was able to share some of my insights and we had a great discussion about the things that will come. (It reminded me of our discussions at home)

Sister Cook as well as one of the Sister Training leaders (who we went on exchanges with) told me that President Hanks knows my situation.  Someone told me that they could tell within the first little while of knowing me (30 min) that I am a leader and because I am a leader, that is how I am going to be asked to serve, by teaching.

I know that Sister Hanks also told me that they knew what they were doing when they put me here.  While that is comforting, I know that it doesn’t matter where I serve,  I know my purpose and I know why I am serving, because the Lord asked me to.  He has called me to preach the gospel and cry repentance to His children, to prepare the way of His Son and our Savior who is coming. This brings me the most peace of all.

Obedience out of love is the what allows us to be cleansed from our sin. Obedience out of Love is how we receive the power to move mountains.  I know the Lord will never leave me alone and I am so grateful for this time I have to serve Him and truly come to know Him without distractions and responsibilities of the world.

I am so grateful every day for the sacrifice that y’all have made and are making for me to be able to do what I am doing.

I think about Uncle Tyler and Aunt Christine every day! I want to send them a thank you letter and thank them so much for all that they did to help me come out here!

Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me by example to love the Lord enough to obey Him! I love you SO much! I send y’all the biggest HMS from Alabama and want you to know that I am still y’all’s little girl and I will always need you! Y’all are my heroes and I thank our Father every day for the miracle it is that I have y’all forever!


Sister Anna Wright