That sounds like y’all have been having a marvelous time! I am so glad to hear all of that wonderful news!

I am afraid I don’t really have much to say today. I guess I am kind of on special assignment here. President and Sister Hanks have placed me here to be able to recover more fully.  I trust in the Lord and I know that I owe Him everything!


I am so happy for y’all and all the wonderful endeavors y’all are taking on and how grateful you are to the Lord! Keep being obedient as I will and I know that the Lord can and will carry us through anything that He sees fit to put us through!

We attended the Talladega branch on Sunday and the Branch President asked me to bear my testimony and I also got to offer the prayers in Sunday school and Relief Society. I love the ward!

We watched the CES broad cast with a very sweet member yesterday and it was so wonderful!

I will try to write y’all more next week but know that I love y’all and I pray for y’all every day! Stay steadfast in Christ so that we may meet again still brothers and sisters in the Lord (Alma 17:2)

That is wonderful! I am so glad to hear all of that wonderful, exciting news! I am jealous Sarah! I have always wanted to go country dancing! 😉 We will have to go when I get back!

Yes! Sister M should be calling you to arrange a time that they can come and pick all that up! Sister Hanks said that she would love for me to have my violin with me!


I only have one picture of my new companion so far. The others were taken at the Maxwell Air force base the Monday before transfers.  I will try to be better about sending pictures.

DSCN1311 DSCN1306

Much love! Sister HMS!


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