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My dearest family and mother,

This week was better than the last. Time has slowed down quite a bit for me and that is hard. The work seems pretty slow, especially compared to Mo-town (Montgomery), but I have fallen in love with this little town. It is so historic! I haven’t been able to take pictures yet, but I will do my best today and then to send them in letters and also email next week.

I am so happy to hear that y’all are still firm in the faith and giving thanks and praise and glory where it belongs! I am striving to do the same!

There was a miracle that happened this last week. Well actually a couple! Yesterday at church we had 1 investigator, 1 non member, and 3 less actives show up without us even expecting them to! That was such a blessing and it was wonderful to see them!

Everyone in the branch was so welcoming and loving! I am very impressed with the members here! I love them dearly more and more every day!

Last week there was a woman sitting at the computer next to me. She leaned over and got my attention and told me that she noticed that I type really fast and asked how I do it. She was taking practice typing tests to get fast enough to take a test and to apply for a secretarial job that she wanted. I did my best to help her and we had a little bit of pleasant conversation and then she left to take her test and I wished her well. I didn’t expect to ever see her again.

Yesterday, Sister Smith and I had walked to a member’s neighbor’s house (the neighbor was a referral from the member) and had set a return appointment. As we were walking home, I was keeping my eyes open for anyone that we might pass who we could talk to. There were a few people who didn’t look to happy to see us, so we waved and greeted them as we passed, but then as we came upon one house there were two young mothers with their children outside on the porch and playing in the yard. We waved and they waved back and they greeted us, asked us how we were doing. We responded positively and one of them said that she knew us. I didn’t quite recognize her, until she said that she was the one who had sat next to us at the computers. We walked over to them and they asked us what we were doing and that lead to a great conversation and an invitation extended to us from her to come back for a dinner appointment and to study the bible.

I don’t know if I told y’all this last week, but Sister Kelsey Waters is now serving in Montgomery! We got to see each other at transfer meeting!

We have done lots of service. We helped the library to tally results from a survey they did to help them improve the library. We sang at a rehab and health home.

I am so excited for General Conference! I can’t believe it has been almost a year since the announcement!

Thank you for all of the news! I love hearing your experiences mom! I love knowing what is happening! You are such a strength to me! I love how you have taught me the same things!

This is the BEST work anyone can do besides raising and teaching children! I look up to you mom and dad so much and I love you SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU for keeping and remaining faithful to you covenants and for teaching me especially through example! It may take a while for us to get it, but don’t give up, because we get it!

GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! y’all are so blessed to have it SO close! Use it and start doing the work! This is a hastening! Not only for missionary work in the field, but temple work as well! I promise you that you will have greater peace and strength in your lives as you make going to the temple a focus in your life!

Keep the faith, fight a good fight. Know that I and the Lord love you!

Your sister and daughter and friend in the Lord,

Sister Anna Wright




That sounds like y’all have been having a marvelous time! I am so glad to hear all of that wonderful news!

I am afraid I don’t really have much to say today. I guess I am kind of on special assignment here. President and Sister Hanks have placed me here to be able to recover more fully.  I trust in the Lord and I know that I owe Him everything!


I am so happy for y’all and all the wonderful endeavors y’all are taking on and how grateful you are to the Lord! Keep being obedient as I will and I know that the Lord can and will carry us through anything that He sees fit to put us through!

We attended the Talladega branch on Sunday and the Branch President asked me to bear my testimony and I also got to offer the prayers in Sunday school and Relief Society. I love the ward!

We watched the CES broad cast with a very sweet member yesterday and it was so wonderful!

I will try to write y’all more next week but know that I love y’all and I pray for y’all every day! Stay steadfast in Christ so that we may meet again still brothers and sisters in the Lord (Alma 17:2)

That is wonderful! I am so glad to hear all of that wonderful, exciting news! I am jealous Sarah! I have always wanted to go country dancing! 😉 We will have to go when I get back!

Yes! Sister M should be calling you to arrange a time that they can come and pick all that up! Sister Hanks said that she would love for me to have my violin with me!


I only have one picture of my new companion so far. The others were taken at the Maxwell Air force base the Monday before transfers.  I will try to be better about sending pictures.

DSCN1311 DSCN1306

Much love! Sister HMS!


Hello dearest family! I am safely arrived in Talladega, AL and I dearly love my new companion Sister Smith!

I will tell you all about our adventures, including killing cockroaches on Monday! 😉

203 Mary St
Talladega, AL 35160

Write me lots! Please share with anyone who wants me to respond to mail they send to me!

Y’all are the greatest and I love y’all so much!

-Sister Wright (HMS)