*Note: the Bold are questions Mom asked Anna in her letter.

How are you doing? I am doing well! I can’t believe that this transfer is almost over! But I am excited to see the new things the Lord has in store, especially as I am learning to truly trust what His plan is and I am pushing to the end of the transfer with all of my might. It is making me tired, but I am working through it and I have probably the most patient and fabulous and angelic companion as well as very sweet, understanding Zone Leaders. (They are also serving here in Capitol ward) It is really nice to have them so near! They are great Elders!

Have you felt more energy? Energy, yes. I have been doing quite a bit better, for longer lengths of time. I was able to run on the treadmill for 15 min. straight the other morning. That was a miracle! and such a blessing! The Lord is definitely strengthening me and carrying me from day to day as I strive to do His will!

Have you needed to take rests in between? Not so much anymore. sometimes I fall asleep during study or I sleep in a little in the morning because my body fights me in getting out of bed, but I haven’t been taking rests during the day. We stay out all day and the Lord sustains me. I talked with a counselor at Zone conference and she suggested a nutrition plan from the nurse. And we are going to be doing phone sessions because there are some things that I would like help to improve on. She covers 3 missions in the South I think, and she is a member. She is very helpful and sister H just loves her!

How is your companion dealing with all this? Sister Sheffer is a saint, but I do worry about how it is affecting her. It has been difficult, but we have worked through a lot of things and I truly feel like I am being prepared for marriage. It sounds weird, and don’t worry, I am not thinking about marriage all of the time or focusing on it, but I am realizing that it is going to take a lot more than I thought and that I need to improve in a lot of ways before I will be able to be the kind of spouse that my husband deserves or that I want to marry.  We are both learning a lot and doing our best to help each other. I know that it could be a lot worse and it still can be in the future with other companions, so I am grateful for the practice and experiences that the Lord is helping me through so that I can be prepared for the future.

8-30-2013-3 8-30-2013-2

AWWW! Sister M is darling! I am so glad that she called you! I have been wanting to ask president about having my violin sent… I keep forgetting. I will though. That would be so nice if they could help bring it to me, if that is what y’all were thinking? Don’t you just love her?! She is a Southern Bell, through and through! She was born and raised here in Alabama. Thank you so much! That would actually be amazing! I don’t remember a ton of arrangements, but I do love that one that Sarah and I played in the YSA ward with Nate Gardner’s dad before I left. I think there is a book with a few. Ben might be able to help you. That would truly be AMAZING!!!

I commend you so much! I am so pleased and proud of how y’all are growing up unto the Lord and becoming more responsible (the kids) and mom for continuing to try! I know it has never been easy, especially with me… but I admire your desires and your consistency  I tell people all of the time how I may not remember everything we studied in our nightly scripture study, but I remember that we always read and prayed as a family every night (and mornings when we could) 🙂 You are the best and most successful mother in the world and I love you!!!!!!!! And I am not ashamed to tell all of Alabama!

I can’t believe how grown up y’all are. Seriously! I am so excited for all that y’all are going to be able to do and learn and the experiences that y’all are going to have! Miriam is going to love seminary, if she doesn’t already!

Love y’all SOOO much! Take care and keep the faith!


Sister Wright



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