How exciting that school has once again begun! I love learning! I have decided that I want to try for nursing. Sister Sheffer, my companion is an English teacher and she tells me stories from her first year of teaching all of the time.

I have had a few opportunities to take care of my companions and other sisters medically as well as dress some wounds of little kids from the ward. Sister L kept telling me that she thinks I need to pursue my dream and become a nurse. That has been seconded by many people. Sister Sheffer says the same thing and I honestly feel such a desire to fulfill that goal.

Sister Sheffer and I went out to Pick Rd the other day and on the way back, on the 85 we came to a complete stop and we had to move over to the side so two ambulances could get through. There was an accident that must have been pretty bad up ahead. I had to distract myself because I wanted to go up and be in all of the action and help and thinking about it was making me crazy that I had to sty in the car.

We were stuck there for about and hour and 10 minutes. We both needed to use the restroom and apparently so did the guy in the car in the lane to our left a little bit ahead of us because he got out of his car and stood there for a bit, bobbing his head and then got back in his car. I didn’t even think that is what he was doing, but sister Sheffer was watching the couple in the car behind us and said they were laughing pretty hard and said that he was relieving himself. We were a little bit jealous that he could do that so easily. It was late and very dark. That made us laugh, which was just what we needed.

The more I have tried to follow the spirit, the more my eyes have been opened to see the miracles which the Lord has been pouring down upon us! You really learn to be positive out here. There is simply no other way to be. I love acting on a “good” thought and later realizing that the spirit led me there like I asked for. I love being able to practice and improve my ability to recognize, listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and how I don’t have to wait, but that I have authority as a special witness of Jesus Christ and His representative. I have seen the Lord protecting us! He is so good!

After a long couple of weeks without receiving one letter in the mail, I was very excited to get a letter from the other sisters which had been sent to my old address. Although I cannot place who the sender is, I am very grateful to them because it was an answer to a prayer and the brightening of my day! It is a darling little note from probably a little girl.

Also Sister B says that her mother really loves y’all and she is excited to have a friend in the stake! It is really fun to be able to talk to each other about what our parents are doing at home and how we have connections at home! Keep it up!

My thyroid levels are normal according to the test. We are all pretty shocked because it all sounded like that would be it. We are trying different things to try to figure it out. I am doing better, but my body still aches all of the time, I have just gotten used to it so it is not as apparent. My body has adapted so it can try to keep working in spite of the pain. I have been having diarrhea off and on, and I wonder if it might be the water… it tastes kind of weird, although it should be safe to drink. Sister H is being so good and helpful! It is amazing to see sentences from my Patriarchal blessing come to pass before my eyes. Especially ones that I have read and tried to figure out since I received my blessing at 13.

Sister Sheffer and I have been asked to do a musical number at Zone conference this Friday. I have been without the mission violin this transfer, but the assistants are going to get it for me so that I can use it to play on Friday. Sister Sheffer is amazing at the Piano and Sister H has a beautiful arrangement of Savior Redeemer of My Soul which has a violin part already written. I have missed the violin so much! When I get it back, hopefully next transfer, I am going to use it so much more. I discovered that people here LOVE the violin and I still have some Suzuki solos memorized. They especially love it at rehab and nursing centers!

Love you all so much! Keep being faithful and don’t ever hesitate to write, even if it is just a few lines! I need all the mail/email I can get! it really helps to get through the rough times and it will keep our relationships strong! 

Yours truly,

Sister Wright


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