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*Note: the Bold are questions Mom asked Anna in her letter.

How are you doing? I am doing well! I can’t believe that this transfer is almost over! But I am excited to see the new things the Lord has in store, especially as I am learning to truly trust what His plan is and I am pushing to the end of the transfer with all of my might. It is making me tired, but I am working through it and I have probably the most patient and fabulous and angelic companion as well as very sweet, understanding Zone Leaders. (They are also serving here in Capitol ward) It is really nice to have them so near! They are great Elders!

Have you felt more energy? Energy, yes. I have been doing quite a bit better, for longer lengths of time. I was able to run on the treadmill for 15 min. straight the other morning. That was a miracle! and such a blessing! The Lord is definitely strengthening me and carrying me from day to day as I strive to do His will!

Have you needed to take rests in between? Not so much anymore. sometimes I fall asleep during study or I sleep in a little in the morning because my body fights me in getting out of bed, but I haven’t been taking rests during the day. We stay out all day and the Lord sustains me. I talked with a counselor at Zone conference and she suggested a nutrition plan from the nurse. And we are going to be doing phone sessions because there are some things that I would like help to improve on. She covers 3 missions in the South I think, and she is a member. She is very helpful and sister H just loves her!

How is your companion dealing with all this? Sister Sheffer is a saint, but I do worry about how it is affecting her. It has been difficult, but we have worked through a lot of things and I truly feel like I am being prepared for marriage. It sounds weird, and don’t worry, I am not thinking about marriage all of the time or focusing on it, but I am realizing that it is going to take a lot more than I thought and that I need to improve in a lot of ways before I will be able to be the kind of spouse that my husband deserves or that I want to marry.  We are both learning a lot and doing our best to help each other. I know that it could be a lot worse and it still can be in the future with other companions, so I am grateful for the practice and experiences that the Lord is helping me through so that I can be prepared for the future.

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AWWW! Sister M is darling! I am so glad that she called you! I have been wanting to ask president about having my violin sent… I keep forgetting. I will though. That would be so nice if they could help bring it to me, if that is what y’all were thinking? Don’t you just love her?! She is a Southern Bell, through and through! She was born and raised here in Alabama. Thank you so much! That would actually be amazing! I don’t remember a ton of arrangements, but I do love that one that Sarah and I played in the YSA ward with Nate Gardner’s dad before I left. I think there is a book with a few. Ben might be able to help you. That would truly be AMAZING!!!

I commend you so much! I am so pleased and proud of how y’all are growing up unto the Lord and becoming more responsible (the kids) and mom for continuing to try! I know it has never been easy, especially with me… but I admire your desires and your consistency  I tell people all of the time how I may not remember everything we studied in our nightly scripture study, but I remember that we always read and prayed as a family every night (and mornings when we could) 🙂 You are the best and most successful mother in the world and I love you!!!!!!!! And I am not ashamed to tell all of Alabama!

I can’t believe how grown up y’all are. Seriously! I am so excited for all that y’all are going to be able to do and learn and the experiences that y’all are going to have! Miriam is going to love seminary, if she doesn’t already!

Love y’all SOOO much! Take care and keep the faith!


Sister Wright




How exciting that school has once again begun! I love learning! I have decided that I want to try for nursing. Sister Sheffer, my companion is an English teacher and she tells me stories from her first year of teaching all of the time.

I have had a few opportunities to take care of my companions and other sisters medically as well as dress some wounds of little kids from the ward. Sister L kept telling me that she thinks I need to pursue my dream and become a nurse. That has been seconded by many people. Sister Sheffer says the same thing and I honestly feel such a desire to fulfill that goal.

Sister Sheffer and I went out to Pick Rd the other day and on the way back, on the 85 we came to a complete stop and we had to move over to the side so two ambulances could get through. There was an accident that must have been pretty bad up ahead. I had to distract myself because I wanted to go up and be in all of the action and help and thinking about it was making me crazy that I had to sty in the car.

We were stuck there for about and hour and 10 minutes. We both needed to use the restroom and apparently so did the guy in the car in the lane to our left a little bit ahead of us because he got out of his car and stood there for a bit, bobbing his head and then got back in his car. I didn’t even think that is what he was doing, but sister Sheffer was watching the couple in the car behind us and said they were laughing pretty hard and said that he was relieving himself. We were a little bit jealous that he could do that so easily. It was late and very dark. That made us laugh, which was just what we needed.

The more I have tried to follow the spirit, the more my eyes have been opened to see the miracles which the Lord has been pouring down upon us! You really learn to be positive out here. There is simply no other way to be. I love acting on a “good” thought and later realizing that the spirit led me there like I asked for. I love being able to practice and improve my ability to recognize, listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and how I don’t have to wait, but that I have authority as a special witness of Jesus Christ and His representative. I have seen the Lord protecting us! He is so good!

After a long couple of weeks without receiving one letter in the mail, I was very excited to get a letter from the other sisters which had been sent to my old address. Although I cannot place who the sender is, I am very grateful to them because it was an answer to a prayer and the brightening of my day! It is a darling little note from probably a little girl.

Also Sister B says that her mother really loves y’all and she is excited to have a friend in the stake! It is really fun to be able to talk to each other about what our parents are doing at home and how we have connections at home! Keep it up!

My thyroid levels are normal according to the test. We are all pretty shocked because it all sounded like that would be it. We are trying different things to try to figure it out. I am doing better, but my body still aches all of the time, I have just gotten used to it so it is not as apparent. My body has adapted so it can try to keep working in spite of the pain. I have been having diarrhea off and on, and I wonder if it might be the water… it tastes kind of weird, although it should be safe to drink. Sister H is being so good and helpful! It is amazing to see sentences from my Patriarchal blessing come to pass before my eyes. Especially ones that I have read and tried to figure out since I received my blessing at 13.

Sister Sheffer and I have been asked to do a musical number at Zone conference this Friday. I have been without the mission violin this transfer, but the assistants are going to get it for me so that I can use it to play on Friday. Sister Sheffer is amazing at the Piano and Sister H has a beautiful arrangement of Savior Redeemer of My Soul which has a violin part already written. I have missed the violin so much! When I get it back, hopefully next transfer, I am going to use it so much more. I discovered that people here LOVE the violin and I still have some Suzuki solos memorized. They especially love it at rehab and nursing centers!

Love you all so much! Keep being faithful and don’t ever hesitate to write, even if it is just a few lines! I need all the mail/email I can get! it really helps to get through the rough times and it will keep our relationships strong! 

Yours truly,

Sister Wright



My week was….. a little bit challenging and different than the usual. August is the most hot, humid month in the South. My thyroid decided that it doesn’t like that too much and my body decided that it can’t keep up with all the bike riding and walking and just pushing and going constantly.

I spent two whole days in bed. I received a ton of love and phone calls from the mission president’s wife and my angel of a companion served me meals in bed and kept me equipped with water and other little things to help me be more comfortable. It was rather difficult for me especially when we counted and reported our numbers for each day and then the week.

I felt like a failure as a trainer and just as a missionary, but President Hanks and Sister Hanks came to see us at our apartment one evening. Just a surprise visit, we had just arrived at home not 5 minutes earlier and just hung up with the Zone Leaders when we received a call from President and Sister Hanks asking if they could come see us. I just fell on the floor completely worn out and not sure what to think.

When they arrived they sat down and talked with us. They told me that they were very worried about me and so we talked about how I was doing and what we needed to do. They brought us treats and fruit.

Sister Hanks gave me strict orders to let my body rest and not to ride my bike. President told me somewhat of the same thing, that the Lord doesn’t expect us to run faster than we have strength and echoed what my parents told me when Sister Hanks had them call me a day or two earlier, which was, my best is not the same as anyone else’s best. The Lord is proud of me and my efforts and I need to take care of my body and not push too hard.

I keep hearing that the Lord gave me this issue for a reason and I need to deal with it. So it has been quite humbling, but a great learning experience and I have been able to draw closer to those that we are teaching and see how the Lord is able to use me and work through me out here.

The food is so good! Ha ha! We don’t eat a ton of things that are really southern, but this week the best thing I ate was a bowl that I just threw in a big random mixture of things. Sister Sheffer and I got home one evening after going to a meeting and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we just threw a bunch of random stuff together. We had chex cereal, milk, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, cut up apples, grapes and bananas. It was surprisingly really good. Another night I decided to do the same thing except for no fruit and I added vanilla yogurt. Yum!!!

People out here know how to cook some good food! Mmm girl! Yams are cooked a lot! Ooo Golden Coral has some mighty fine and delicious southern dishes. I am going to learn how to cook some of this good food and I will make it for you someday!

I love that about y’all! I love how y’all just care so much about people and you have no fear, but just waltz up or over to anyone and carry on a conversation that uplifts everyone! Thank you for your continued and recommitted effort to bless others lives and to share the gospel! Y’all are truly inspiring!

It was great to hear your voice this week mom, I want to thank you so much for everything you did to help me! Sister Hanks was so sweet to have you call me. That was just what I needed and I have replayed your voice over in my head when I have been having a hard time falling asleep this past week. Yours and dad’s voices have put me to sleep! I remember how you used to come in my room at night and sing hymns and primary songs to me to help me fall asleep! Every time I sing ‘Have I Done Any Good’ I think of you and how you taught me that song. I memorized it because you would sing it to me and that is often the first song that pops into my head!

Yesterday after church, the other capitol sisters and Sister H and Brother L and a member’s niece who has been visiting and going out with us came with us to a nursing and rehab facility where one of our members lives and we sang hymns for them. They loved it! They all begged us to come back. Next time we want the Elders to go, It felt so good to be able to do something for the people who have lived great lives and given so much and are now often forgotten.

I love visiting nursing and rehab places because it reminds me of where I used to work as a CNA and I just feel so much love for the residents. I wished I could have played a violin for them, but I got to sing instead and I loved it! I am so grateful for that talent that I am able to exercise and try to improve.

I have been singing more this transfer than ever before, probably, and I have received many compliments from many people. I never thought my voice was anything special, I just took some pride in the fact that I can read music and hit the right notes and I can sing alto… I have been singing Soprano lately and Sister Sheffer told me the other day that I am something special and that she really enjoys hearing me sing and that she has not seen a limit to my range yet… I never thought I would hear that said about me… but don’t worry, I am not letting any of it go to my head, I am sending it all heavenward and I spend a little longer on my knees thanking my Father for allowing me to bless others lives through these talents.

We had an investigator with a baptismal date, but she kind of disappeared off the face of the earth. I was so puzzled because I felt her spirit and we had a connection. She is a kindred spirit. I knew something had to be wrong, she wouldn’t just drop us. We found out this week after trying to contact her almost every day and stopping by, that she has been in the hospital. She burst her eardrum while trying to get a bug out of her ear.

We finally got in contact with her and we went to see her this morning. She is so strong! What an incredible woman! She is being hit hard with things right now. She reminds me of Harriet Tubman and Ruth and all of the strong women in history who fought for the right and had such incredible, unshakable faith in God! We are praying for her to be able to set a new baptismal date.

We talked today about how Satan has been throwing everything hard at her ever since she set her baptism date. I love this woman SO MUCH! I feel such a connection to her! Every time I see her, I see her dressed in white, with her family in the temple! This woman is a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father, she is my sister and I am going to do everything I can to help her make it through the gate of baptism and stay on that path leading to the temple!

FAITH that is a word that president hanks kept emphasizing in the blessing he gave to me. I studied that today. Faith leads to action. Faith opens our eyes. Faith brings us good comfort, but it is not the end, it is only the beginning of a glorious journey that only brings joy, eternal joy!

Romans 8: 35-37 “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ…… we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us!”

Galatians 2:20 We are crucified with Christ and only one survives, because He lives through us.

Love y’all with all of my heart! I love hearing about how small the world is and it just keeps getting smaller. We are all one huge family and children with divine potential. Let us see one another not as we are, or who we were, but as who God sees that we can become! Let us see each other in White and treat one another as who we should be.

Take care of your sleeves and remember to study the words of Christ! (have y’all read the article in the August ensign about scripture study?) Keep the faith and we will be reunited again still brothers and sisters in Christ!

Love most dearly,

Sister Wright (HMS)

Sending lots of hugs and kisses y’all’s way!

Have tonz of fun at Disney Land with Kyli! 😉


Dear loved ones,

This week has been…. crazy: stressful, long, fast, wonderful, astounding, jaw dropping etc…

The last week kind of feels like a month. Mission time is kind of warped, but this week was just crazy! That is what I love about the mission! 🙂 This is the only time of my life that I can go and be crazy and not have to worry about worldly responsibilities.


Sister Sheffer and I have been having so much fun! We thought we ran out of miles for the month, so we biked EVERYWHERE! Oh yeah! The picture of us with our helmets and bikes was taken just after we biked up a monster hill and had survived making it across the Atlanta highway and the over pass above the freeway without bike lanes.

We both love biking! 😀 It can be scary at times, but I feel as though there is a bubble protecting me. The Lord is with us of that I am sure! That is why we strive to be exactly obedient so we can be worthy of those blessings.

Now that we have begun a new month, we have more miles to use! So we went out to get in the car when we were heading out the other morning and tried to start the car, but it wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. We called the vehicle specialist and he had us find someone to help us jump the car. Our very sweet neighbor tried to help us but it wouldn’t work, so we called the Zone Leaders and they came out and helped us. It worked and we used it very thankfully.

The next day we didn’t have any problems and drove it to Zone Training and then around with the Sister Training Leaders. The next day we went out and put our bikes on the bike rack and tried to start the car, but it was dead again. We didn’t have time to deal with it, so we took our bikes off and rode across the freeway and the highway to our appointment.

We had the Aston’s pick us up and go with us to an area that was a little sketchy to meet this lady who had wanted us to leave the peace and blessings of the Savior in her home. After that, they took us home and Elder Aston jumped the car again. We needed to drive it for a bit to make sure the battery would stay charged, so we went to Brusters to get some ice cream and then to visit one of our investigators.

Our investigator wasn’t home, but we talked to this young man who was mowing the lawn across the street. He said he wasn’t interested at the time, but we gave him a card and told him about a sports video on that he should watch and our names and number if he has any questions. Sister Sheffer and I felt really good about it. You never know what seeds you are planting.

The car specialist let us know that it might be our “Tiwi” that was draining our battery, if it was staying on all night, so we are getting a new one from SLC and he will bring it down in a few days. Tiwi is a device that all of the mission vehicles have to help us be safe drivers. Tiwi reminds us to “check our speed” and other things that help remind us to be safe drivers. He also takes note of certain things that get reported to the mission office. Our Tiwi hasn’t been working. It will be nice to have Tiwi back. I kind of miss him… he is a nice security blanket especially when I don’t know what the speed limit is.

So we have had many adventures this week but I am so grateful for the trials that we have had and how they are making us stronger, physically as well as spiritually and mentally!

I love y’all so much and thank you for your emails and letters and your love and support and especially your prayers! They are felt!

I hope Mirm had a wonderful Birthday! Did she get my card? I have a gift that I need to send still. So be looking for a package dear! Have so much fun in Disneyland! When y’all are hot and sticky and exhausted, remember lil ol me out here and imagine that heat times 10 plus humidity and biking around all day in a skirt! ha ha! but also imagine feeling immense joy as you see people’s faith increase as you testify with the spirit of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how the church was restored and how living the principles of the gospel will help them with any and all challenges they are experiencing in their lives at that moment!

We met this young lady from California yesterday at the park and first when I asked her if she would want to read the Book of Mormon, she said she honestly wouldn’t read it, but then after we explained a little more about it and answered her questions about it’s relation to the bible and testified of its truthfulness and ability to bless her life and help her raise her daughter, we saw her change and her faith increase as she committed to read the chapter we picked out for her and then she said depending on if she got into it then she would continue to read.

The Lord knows His children each individually and loves them! I am so blessed and grateful to be able to see and feel His love for them and how He sees them; in White.

Hey dad, last week I was a little low on time so I wasn’t able to respond, but I printed off your email and read it this week which was nice! I want to start doing that more. I don’t get that many letters via mail so it was nice to have your email to read during the week. (Sarah is an angel for writing me! She keeps me going!)

I should really get a GPS; the cheapest one out here is about $88. We have been getting around using our memories and a map (very beat up) but it makes the process kind of slow. I am afraid that when I get transferred to a new area I will be completely lost without a GPS. We do not have any in our phones; we are not technologically up to date that way… 😉

I am grateful for my sense of direction which I get from you, dad. I am so glad that y’all have been connecting with the Bringhursts! I love their daughter so much! She is an incredible missionary! Her companion is from Alberta Canada and is related to some Woodruffs through the Robbinsons. She said she knows a Gody Woodruff…?  She is darling and very beautiful!

That is so exciting! I am way stoked for y’all and your vacation! You could also come down here to Disney World, or just Montgomery to see Nat King Cole’s birthplace and Helen Keller’s school and other Historical cites! Y’all would LOVE it down here! 😉 I hope y’all have tonz of fun out there! Take lots of pictures and share when you can! ha ha!

There are no problems with my camera; I just haven’t had enough time to send them. I can only send 3 pictures per email and it is kind of a long process. I will repent and be better though. 😀

Thanks, dad, for being patient and teaching me!

Love you tonz and forever!

Can you pray that our investigators will act on their desires to change and continue learning?

Our investigator came to church yesterday!!!!! it was so wonderful! She made instant friends with one of the ward members who hasn’t felt very welcome so it was so perfect!


Sister Wright