Dearest Mother mine!

Thank you for sharing that experience! I thank my Heavenly Father for such a courageous, virtuous mother and example who knows how to and does recognize, listen to and then immediately follow the spirit without delay! That is exact obedience in the works! I love you so much! Thank you for being so incredible!

I feel like Ammon when he meets up with his brothers again after their missions and he rejoices because they are still his brothers in Christ! If everyone were as stalwart and obedient as you there would be so much more retention and activity in the church. We would be like unto the City of Enoc!

Thank you so much for your understanding and your words of encouragement! It was precisely what I needed to hear!

I had my interview with President Hanks this last week, and he asked me some questions about the work and obedience and the teaching pool etc. I answered honestly and could tell him when he asked, that I do not get discouraged. I could honestly feel in my heart nothing but gratitude and that is how I have felt every day of my mission. It is truly a miracle that I am serving a mission at this time and at this age and with my condition. The Lord is truly merciful and loving and all knowing!

President Hanks asked if there was anything I wanted to ask him or anything I needed from him. I didn’t have anything and He said he was at a loss of what to ask me, he felt helpless, like there was nothing he could do for me because I was so good and so obedient and he felt bad because he didn’t need to do anything to help me.

After a moment of awkward silence on my part (I didn’t mean to stump him…) He told me that there was something he felt he needed to tell me and he wasn’t sure why, but it was being whispered in his ear that he needed to tell me that God loves me. That shocked me a little bit. I know that that was revelation/inspiration received from President Hanks at that moment for me from the Lord! I knew at that moment that the Lord knows me and that He called President Hanks and his wife to be mission president of this mission at this time!

I was a little nervous going into the interview because I didn’t know what to expect. The Lord answered my prayers in a very personal and memorable way and I thank Him for that!

I am so glad that everything is going well there. I love the positive attitude! The Lord knows us and He is looking after us.

I want to share something that President Holzapfel told us while he was here. He said, “Miracles cannot happen without obedience and faith. It is not possible.” The way he said that really hit me and it finally made sense to me! Obedience brings blessings, EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES!

I received a birthday card from the home ward Relief Society. That was so cute and sweet! There was no return address, so will you thank them for me?! It was so simple, but it meant truly so much!

Transfers are here again! I have been out for 2 whole transfers! I can hardly believe it! My first trainer has been out 6 months now and I have been out 3. It is crazy how quickly the time fly’s by! It makes me want to work harder and use every precious minute here to fulfill my purpose! Crazy!

Anyway, I am staying here in good ‘ol Montgomery and will be training a new missionary, and my beloved companion, Sister Lewis, is leaving and training a new missionary in a different area. 😦 sad, but exciting times. Sister Lewis is so ready! I know she will be a fabulous trainer! She is the only one leaving Capitol ward; Sister Houston (my mom) and Sister Hager are going to be staying.

Yesterday after church, we went to a rehab place so I could play the violin for the residents there. It was such a neat experience! I wish we had started doing that sooner! They all simply loved it! I played hymns as well as Bile them cabbage down and bits and pieces of other solos that I remember. I would love to have the sheet music to La Folia and maybe some arrangements of hymns.

Everyone out here loves to hear the violin. I will probably be playing in church again pretty soon. I love being able to play for people and to invite the spirit and bless people’s lives with my talents.

Keep singing y’all! Oh! Y’all should learn ‘Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy’ pg. 335 in the hymn book! God is so good and I love Him with all of my heart and soul!

I listen to the Lamb of God just about every day. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!! Y’all saved my life! Love y’all SO MUCH and can’t wait until we will be able to all meet again in the house of the Lord, strong in the faith!

p.s. Thrift stores out here are great! I got some great skirts for $3 each and some shirts for $2!

also got to go see a baptism in Wetumpka! One of our investigators agreed to a baptismal date! So exciting! We just need to keep working with her and get her to church! I am so grateful to be able to stay in this area and hopefully be able to see her be baptized! She wants her grandson (who she is raising) to be baptized and raised in the church as well! She is incredible!

LOVE YOUR Sister Wright!


Thank you so much Dad!

I really enjoyed your email! That is great to hear! Andrew is a BOSS! I am so glad he is doing well! It is so nice to be able to hear from people we respect and love and look up to that we are doing well and making correct choices! I love how the Lord allows us to feel the spirit and know when we are making correct choices! I pray for him and y’all every day to be able to listen to and follow the spirit in your lives! I love being able to hear how y’all are doing that!

Sister Lewis, my companion will be going to a different area and she will be training. She is so ready! I am sad that she is leaving, although I know that it is the Lord’s will and I am excited to be able to train a new missionary in this wonderful, very blessed area!

I feel like everything happens when you are on your mission…. Sarah has told me about the engagements and marriages in the YSA ward.

Love you tonz Dad! Keep the faith!

Love your girl,

Sister Wright (HMS)


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