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Oh what joy fills my heart to be able to call y’all mine! We are going to be together forever! I am so grateful! Thank you for your email! I am sorry I don’t have too much to say this week but I want you to know that I love and appreciate you so much!

This week we found two new investigators! We still haven’t been able to get any of them to church. We continue to work on that and to try to be a little better everyday!

One of our investigators we found one evening after a really hard day. I was super stressed because we only have a map that is all torn up to find people’s houses in an area that I am less familiar with and we were running very low on miles and I felt like I was letting my trainee down. I was super stressed and even kind of depressed. I was also afraid that I had somehow offended a member… I wasn’t doing too well.

We kept going though and we were at this apartment complex place trying to find this address and we couldn’t find it we had gone around and around but were just lost.

We passed this black man who was walking by and when I said Hi to him in passing I had this feeling like we were going to talk to him and sure enough Sister Sheffer asked him for directions and he tried to help us and he asked what church we were from and when we told him he said that he had been there a lot when he was younger. He had attended one of the wards with his friend. We got talking and found out more about him and we actually ended up teaching him a lesson and inviting him to church and setting up a return appointment.

While we were talking with him he said that he was really upset and so he had decided to go for a walk. He testified to us that Heavenly Father sent us to him in his time of need and that He had more than likely allowed us to meet him so that we would be able to see him working through us. It was incredible.

After we said goodbye and Sister Sheffer and I walked to the end of the sidewalk, I couldn’t take another step before we stopped and prayed. I had to thank my Father in Heaven for the incredible experience that had just happened.

We were both crying and we hugged each other. Heavenly Father knows us, he knows what we need to stretch and to grow. He will not give us more than we can handle!

I love this gospel so much! I am so grateful for all y’all and your love and support!

One last thing before I go, a black sister from the ward was taking us home from church (we are out of miles for the month and got to bike everywhere on Saturday) and I was saying something and the member started laughing. She said,”mmmm girl, you have got that southern drawl mmmhmm!” She said that when I said ‘twenty nine’ she had to laugh.

The best part was that I didn’t even realize that I said ‘twenty nine’¬†like that, with an accent. This sister told me that means it is genuine and I am picking it up! mmmhmm! That’s right! I love the people and I love this culture! I love waking up every morning and working even harder and trying to be even better! Love life! Love and cherish those around you! Keep the faith.

Until next week know that “I love y’all, a bushel and a peck….” and the rest of the song! ūüėČ

Yours forever,

Sister Wright




Dearest Mother mine!

Thank you for sharing that experience! I thank my Heavenly Father for such a courageous, virtuous mother and example who knows how to and does recognize, listen to and then immediately follow the spirit without delay! That is exact obedience in the works! I love you so much! Thank you for being so incredible!

I feel like Ammon when he meets up with his brothers again after their missions and he rejoices because they are still his brothers in Christ! If everyone were as stalwart and obedient as you there would be so much more retention and activity in the church. We would be like unto the City of Enoc!

Thank you so much for your understanding and your words of encouragement! It was precisely what I needed to hear!

I had my interview with President Hanks this last week, and he asked me some questions about the work and obedience and the teaching pool etc. I answered honestly and could tell him when he asked, that I do not get discouraged. I could honestly feel in my heart nothing but gratitude and that is how I have felt every day of my mission. It is truly a miracle that I am serving a mission at this time and at this age and with my condition. The Lord is truly merciful and loving and all knowing!

President Hanks asked if there was anything I wanted¬†to ask him or anything I needed from him. I didn’t have anything and He said he was at a loss¬†of what to ask me, he felt helpless, like there was nothing he could do for me because I was so¬†good and so obedient and he felt bad because he didn’t need to do anything to help me.

After¬†a moment of awkward silence on my part (I didn’t mean to stump him…) He told me that there¬†was something he felt he needed to tell me and he wasn’t sure why, but it was being whispered¬†in his ear that he needed to tell me that God loves me. That shocked me a little bit. I know that¬†that was revelation/inspiration received from President Hanks at that moment for me from the¬†Lord! I knew at that moment that the Lord knows me and that He called President Hanks and¬†his wife to be mission president of this mission at this time!

I was a little nervous going into¬†the interview because I didn’t know what to expect. The Lord answered my prayers in a very¬†personal and memorable way and I thank Him for that!

I am so glad that everything is going well there. I love the positive attitude! The Lord knows us and He is looking after us.

I want to share something that President Holzapfel told us while¬†he was here. He said, “Miracles cannot happen without obedience and faith. It is not possible.”¬†The way he said that really hit me and it finally made sense to me! Obedience brings blessings,¬†EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES!

I received a birthday card from the home ward Relief Society. That was so cute and sweet! There was no return address, so will you thank them for me?! It was so simple, but it meant truly so much!

Transfers are here again! I have been out for 2 whole transfers! I can hardly believe it! My first trainer has been out 6 months now and I have been out 3. It is crazy how quickly the time fly’s by! It makes me want to work harder and use every precious minute here to fulfill my purpose! Crazy!

Anyway, I am staying here in good ‘ol Montgomery and will be training a new¬†missionary, and my beloved companion, Sister Lewis, is leaving and training a new missionary¬†in a different area. ūüė¶ sad, but exciting times. Sister Lewis is so ready! I know she will be a¬†fabulous trainer! She is the only one leaving Capitol ward; Sister Houston (my mom) and Sister¬†Hager are going to be staying.

Yesterday after church, we went to a rehab place so I could play the violin for the residents there. It was such a neat experience! I wish we had started doing that sooner! They all simply loved it! I played hymns as well as Bile them cabbage down and bits and pieces of other solos that I remember. I would love to have the sheet music to La Folia and maybe some arrangements of hymns.

Everyone out here loves to hear the violin. I will probably be playing¬†in church again pretty soon. I love being able to play for people and to invite the spirit and bless¬†people’s lives with my talents.

Keep singing y’all! Oh! Y’all should learn ‘Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy’ pg. 335 in the¬†hymn book! God is so good and I love Him with all of my heart and soul!

I listen to the Lamb of God just about every day. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!! Y’all saved my¬†life! Love y’all SO MUCH and can’t wait until we will be able to all meet again in the house of¬†the Lord, strong in the faith!

p.s. Thrift stores out here are great! I got some great skirts for $3 each and some shirts for $2!

I also got to go see a baptism in Wetumpka! One of our investigators agreed to a baptismal date! So exciting! We just need to keep working with her and get her to church! I am so grateful to be able to stay in this area and hopefully be able to see her be baptized! She wants her grandson (who she is raising) to be baptized and raised in the church as well! She is incredible!

LOVE YOUR Sister Wright!


Thank you so much Dad!

I really enjoyed your email! That is great to hear! Andrew is a BOSS! I am so glad he is doing¬†well! It is so nice to be able to hear from people we respect and love and look up to that we are¬†doing well and making correct choices! I love how the Lord allows us to feel the spirit and know¬†when we are making correct choices! I pray for him and y’all every day to be able to listen to¬†and follow the spirit in your lives! I love being able to hear how y’all are doing that!

Sister Lewis, my companion will be going to a different area and she will be¬†training. She is so ready! I am sad that she is leaving, although I know that it is the Lord’s will¬†and I am excited to be able to train a new missionary in this wonderful, very blessed area!

I feel like everything happens when you are on your mission…. Sarah has told me about the¬†engagements and marriages in the YSA ward.

Love you tonz Dad! Keep the faith!

Love your girl,

Sister Wright (HMS)

7/15/2013 – Anna’s B-day!


Mother mine and Birthday girl!  Looking fabulous!

I hope everyone has been treating you like the Birthday queen, because now they can focus the whole day on YOU!¬† As it should be!¬† I am so sorry!¬† I wanted to send you a little something, but it will be a few days before you get it.¬† It has been a super busy week.¬† I also failed to get something to G-pa, but I thought about him all day on the 10th and I love him so much!¬† I don’t think I have his email, could you send that on for me? thanks!¬† You are so amazing!¬† I LOVED the package!¬†¬† IT IS PERFECT!!!!!! Y’all know me so well!¬† You are too kind! ¬†

Let me share with you my journal entries from last night and this morning.  it has been a wonderful morning and full of excitement!  I have received so many calls and texts wishing me a happy birthday!

July 14, 2013 (sunday)

BLESSED!¬† The title says it all!¬† District Leader (Elder Bently) just called and asked if we have any progressing investigators, I told him about Cathy and PJ and how they have both commited to baptism and are so close to setting dates!¬† The Lord has blessed us so much!¬† This is His work and He is definitely all up in it!¬† Elder Bently asked how the week went and I said we didn’t reach our numbers, but we did tonz of service and did well on teaching people, not lessons.¬† Elder Bently said “It is not about the numbers.¬† That is some doctrine for ya”¬† it was nice to hear from him, cause not going to lie, I was worried he was calling about how we can get higher numbers… I love how excited and energetic Elder Bently is about the work!¬† he is a great leader and I trust him a lot!

July 15, 2013

Sister Lewis is the sweetest thing ever!!! She woke up early and decorated the hall and put Happy Birthday signs EVERYWHERE!¬† she made a huge¬†chocolate chip pancake that said “Happy birthday”¬† and she made a card.¬† Elder Gale and Elder Hatch, the Zone Leaders, called to wish me a happy birthday!¬† They are such great leaders!¬†¬† I cannot believe the fuss sister Lewis is making over my birthday!¬† I love her so much!¬† I couldn’t have asked for a better companion!¬† I hope and pray that her future companions treat hear well and appreciate her!¬† I will never forget today, when sister Lewis, my trainee and dear friend, someone who has only known me for 5 weeks, has made a bigger deal about my B-day than anyone who has known me for years, other than my family of coarse!¬†”

As sister Bringhurst says, “The gospel is especially true today!”

Thank you so much for everything!

I cried when I opened the package and immediately listened to the Lamb of God!¬† Y’all are so wonderful!¬† Take care and I will talk to y’all next week!¬† P.S. Loved the pictures!¬† Thank you a million times!¬† ūüėÄ

Love forever, you sister, daughter, friend, granddaughter etc…

Sister Anna Wright!

20 years old!  whooo!

Oh mom, you can claim my age for the day!


Wow!  What a great email mom!  Thank you!  I love and gain so much from your encouraging letters and the strength and testimony that emanates from you!  You are probably the best missionary I know!

Did I tell you that my companion sister Lewis’ grandpa Abraham Smoot was mission companions with Wilford Woodruff?! ¬†Crazy huh?! ¬†We have had such a blast this past week and we are growing closer together as we are open about our goals and how we can help each other to improve and be the best that we can be. ¬†I trust sister Lewis a great deal and she is becoming a very dear friend.

President Holzapfel always said that the mission is preparing us for marriage and families as well as for the rest of our lives in general.  He says that our missions are a mini life and the the experiences we go through here are preparing us for things to come in our future.  I miss president Holzapfel and his wife, but I also LOVE President Hanks and his wife!  I am excited to get to know and love them even more!  Our mission is focusing more on service!  I love it! Sister Lewis and I had this experience this last week:


A few days ago Sister Lewis and I were out ridding our bikes and we saw this lady out in her yard trying to sweep loose grass off of her driveway. ¬†We approached her and asked if she needed/wanted help. ¬†She said that she was fine, but she had a lot to do. ¬†Normally I would be afraid of offending them if I stayed and helped so we would give them a¬†¬†card with our number and names on it and tell them to call if they ever need help or anything, but today I had a goal of helping people even if they didn’t ask us to help them. ¬†So I just picked up the broom that was on the driveway and started sweeping up the grass. ¬†When the lady came back and saw that we were still there and helping her anyway, she asked if we were Mormons. ¬†We told her who we are and we continued to talk with her and found out a lot about her. ¬†She asked us questions about the church and what missionaries do and told us specific things that she likes about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints such as food storage and emergency preparedness and focus on the family. ¬†We helped her and talked to her for about an hour and a half and she told us we could stop by again. We got her number and we plan on going back.

There have been so many experiences like that this week and it has been really amazing to be able to be apart of and see it!  I know that the Lord is in this work 100%, it is His work and I feel so blessed to be His missionary!

Just last night when we got to our apartment, as we were going up the stairs to the door, our neighbor (a young man probably in his 20s) was out on his porch and we greeted each other. ¬†We had some small talk and then he started talking about church and how he should go to church with his buddy (he grew up baptist or something). I told him that he was right and that he should go to church, but I couldn’t lie. ¬†I proceeded to tell him that he should come to our church. ¬†Right after I said that I was shocked at myself! ¬†We are not supposed to proselyte at our apartment complex. ¬†If they ask us about the gospel we can talk about it, but we aren’t aloud to promote the church. ¬†I was wondering why I had asked that when he asked us what the name of our church was. ¬†We answered and then he proceeded to ask questions. ¬†A minute or so after we had said the name of our church, the other person that was on the porch with him came into the light and it was a young lady. ¬†She asked us if we knew Sister Bringhurst. ¬†We both looked at each other and then back at her and said, “Yes! ¬†How do you know her?” ¬†she told us that Sister Bringhurst and Sister Kudlachec had come to her house looking for one of their neighbors and they let them in and taught them. ¬†She said that ¬†they gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read the introduction. ¬†She said that she liked what they taught her about the 3 kingdoms of glory! ¬†Our neighbor jumped in the conversation and we had a little discussion. ¬†It was amazing! ¬†He told us that we could give him our card with the address to the church on it and we told him about videos he can look up.

We immediately called Sister Bringhurst and her companion when we got inside.  They were so pleased!  It was such a miracle!  We all really hope and pray that she continues to meet with the sisters and that she will act on her desires and the good feelings that she had about the things the sisters taught her and that they will both investigate!  It was such a neat experience!  All I could think after was that if I had not have invited our neighbor to come to church, we never would have met her.  She said that she thought of Sister Bringhurst when we said the name of our church.  The Lord knows all of us so personally and individually !  I am so grateful for that!  I am grateful for the Spirit and His role in conversion!

We have had rain for 5 days straight.  I love it!  The only sad thing is that we did not get to watch any fireworks on the 4th because they got canceled because of the rain.

I don’t know If I told y’all this (sorry Miriam) but my companion, sister Lewis is from Gilbert, AZ (Ben and Kyli) ¬†and her dad is the Mayor. ¬†She has 7 siblings as well. ¬†Also, the Astons who are the senior couple in Capitol ward who called mom and dad about my medication (which i did get and have not missed a day) are from Mesa, AZ. ¬†Also there is a new sister in the ward for the summer. ¬†Her husband is selling security systems. ¬†Their last name is Henley, he thinks that he and his dad used to home teach our family, and she served her mission in Tucson, AZ and I showed her a picture of Ben and she said he looks familiar. ¬†Funny how many connections there are!

I have been thinking about Andrew a lot lately. ¬†I miss that guy so much! ¬†I don’t know if I can handle not seeing him for 3 years! ¬†I love him extremely a lot. ¬†What an incredible young man! ¬†I am so amazed at his example to his friends and his ability to do what he knows is right even in the midst of adversity and persecution! ¬†I know that he is going to do great things and the Lord has great plans for him! ¬†What an incredible missionary! ¬†I want to invite him to practice sharing the gospel and talking to strangers. ¬†Get comfortable with it. ¬†Role play. ¬†Talk to people in line at the grocery store, testify often. ¬†Go on exchanges or team ups with the missionaries if you can! ¬†I promise that it will help and it will prepare you so much! ¬†Know your scriptures y’all study them along with PMG (preach my gospel) ¬†Really understand the doctrines there. ¬†Be prepared to answer questions about what you believe. ¬†Why are you a member of the church? ¬†What does it mean to you? ¬†Why do you go to church and keep the commandments? ¬†Why do you follow the prophet? ¬†etc… I promise that this will only make you stronger and help you solidify your testimony and your beliefs! ¬†Please Please PLEASE! ¬†Reach out to the Less actives and semi actives around you! ¬†Go visit them! ¬†befriend them! ¬†Take a minute and call them. ¬†Strengthen everyone around you and leave them better than you have found them!

Everyone is a beloved spirit son or daughter of our Loving Heavenly Parents as such each has a divine role and destiny! ¬†Every single one of God’s children have something to offer and they have to potential to become like Him, a God or Goddess! ¬†These are our brothers and sisters. ¬†If Caleb was lost all of us would search until we found him. ¬†We would not give up on him, we would not rest until he was back home safe and sound with us in our arms!

Our Heavenly Parents need our help!  They have precious sons and daughters who are lost and it is our duty to go out and help in the rescue!  No one on this earth is past saving!  When we wake up and realize that this life is not about us, but about serving others and bringing them closer to Christ, I promise we will be so much happier!  I can testify that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God, I can testify that selfless service and Christlike love (charity) brings true joy not only to you but also to those whom you serve and God our Father and our Savior Jesus Christ!  It is so worth it!  It is true and nothing else matters!

Mosiah 18: 17-30  Do these things because you love God and you love His son Jesus Christ and because they love you and want to bless you!  They are waiting anxiously to pour out blessings upon you!

For family home evening with¬†you all¬†(that took a lot of effort Miriam, I hope you appreciate it ūüėČ ¬†watch 17 Miracles and then read D&C 121: 7-9? ¬†Then report about it next week in the email? ¬†Also where are you reading in the Book of Mormon? ¬†Are you reading in the New Testament?¬†

Hugs and kisses to all y’all! ¬†I love you so much and I am doing everything I can to keep that bond strong between us so that I can be with each and everyone of you sealed forever!





Thank you for your wonderful email! I love hearing all about the news of the family. It is fun to hear it from you and then from mom because from both of those I get a picture of what is really going on and how the family is doing. I love it!

I am so blessed to have so many people¬†supporting me! I feel bad that I don’t have enough time to write to everyone I want to. Will you¬†let all of the family and ward members that you ever are in contact with know that I think about¬†them and love them especially David and Michelle?

How wonderful that you get to spend time with Shannon. Will you tell her that I use her as an¬†example out here and that she is such a strength and an inspiration to me?! I love them all so¬†much and I pray for them all the time! I hope y’all enjoy that time y’all are having with them!

One thing I have learned is to cherish time with the ones that you love. Don’t waste it worrying¬†about things. Relationships with people and sharing the love of the gospel and more importantly¬†the Savior is the highest priority there is!

President Holzapfel said something interesting in the last new missionary training that he will do in this mission. President and Sister Holzapfel have gone home and the new President and his wife are President and sister Hanks. (We will be meeting them up in Birmingham tomorrow.)

President Holzapfel said that we only have one chance to do this. This is the only time in our lives that we can give literally everything we have to the Lord and not have to worry about bills or money or school or anything worldly. We will never have this again, this period of time where we can devote 100% of our lives to the Lord and do His work so effectively!

I am so¬†grateful to have been able to participate in this at this time in my life! What a MIRACLE! The¬†Lord is hastening His work. I am a part of it. Y’all should be a part of it too. This is the time to¬†pick sides and get to work.

I love President and Sister Holzapfel so much and I am going to miss them, but I am also excited to get to know President and Sister Hanks and to follow their counsel and their vision for the mission. President Hanks has the keys and He knows what Alabama needs at this time.

I love how the priesthood works! I love teaching people about the Restoration and testifying that President Monson is a true prophet of this dispensation and that He holds and is authorized to use those keys.

I love learning more every morning and being able to teach others what I learn (what I studied for them)! This is such an incredible experience!

Will you role play with the kids? Will you help them study Preach My Gospel? I promise that starting while they are young will bless their lives so much and then they will be prepared, not only to serve a mission, but also to share the gospel simply and clearly and BOLDLY with their friends.

I know that this gospel is true! I know that because I have studied the Book of Mormon and I have prayed and asked God specifically if it was true and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I received a witness from the Holy Ghost in my heart and in my mind that it is true. I know with everything that I am that it is true.

A Korean gentleman asked me if he paid all the expenses for me to go to another country¬†to preach about Buddhism would I do it? Want to know what I told him……………………………..?

I told him, “NO! Absolutely not! “Of course he asked me why not.‚ÄĚ I looked that gentleman¬†in the eyes and I testified that I know that the things we had taught him are true. That I know it¬†with every fiber of my being and that I cannot and will not deny that. No matter what you pay¬†me, or if you threaten to kill me, I WILL NEVER DENY MY SAVIOR or the things that I have¬†come to know are true. I would rather die than deny them.”

He was amazed and asked why I would be willing to die for it. I told him that I have received a witness and I know that these things are true. As I was testifying, I felt the Spirit almost surging through me, I felt that the spirit was testifying not really me, kind of like He took over and I was just listening.

It is true what the Lord promises in the scriptures, He will fill your mouth when you are on His errand and you are doing what He asks you to do to the best of your ability. I had never experienced that before. It was incredible and I want to have it again! I love this work! I am so grateful to be a part of it!

I am so impressed with y’all’s faith and strength! Y’all are such a strength and example to me!¬†Mmmmmmhmm!!! Y’all are blessed for what y’all are doin’. Y’all just keep on doing what you’re¬†doing.

How fun! I hope y’all get to go! Y’all will have so much fun! We should all go to Disney¬†World after I get off my mission y’all! I am in love with the South! Wouldn’t mind living here…¬†for real! ūüėÄ

I guess I better leave some info. for Mom’s email….¬†I love you my dearest father!

Your daughter and missionary,

Sister Wright (HMS)

Thank you so much mom!

I did get the package last Monday, it came after I emailed y’all. BANANGEY! THANK YOU¬†SO MUCH! I loved all the treats! I love the t-shirts!

Mom, oh my goodness! Good heck woman! You are so amazing! You are like mega woman! I am so glad you get to spend time with Shannon! You deserve to play some and to have a friend to play with. I have loved watching your interaction with your siblings and learning from you! Tell them Hi for me and that I love them!

Hey so we just got some new couples in our ward for the summer. They are here to sell security¬†systems. Bishop Lloyd had the missionaries get up and introduce ourselves in the combined¬†RS and PH meeting yesterday and afterward one of them came up and the young man asked¬†me what ward I am from. He thinks that he and his dad home taught our family. His last¬†name is Henley. Does that ring a bell? It was a while ago… the ward is getting pumped about¬†helping us with missionary work and things are starting to move forward! Finally!

There are¬†some incredible families out here! Y’all would love them! I hope y’all will get to meet them¬†someday!

Our stake president’s wife, Sister Millington, has a yoga studio¬†where we are going to go to one of her classes each week so we can talk to her students and be¬†seen out in the community. She is incredible and such a natural missionary! I love her! She has¬†Parkinson’s disease but she did yoga and you can barely tell that she has it. Without yoga, she¬†would not be able to move at all. She is such an inspiration!

The announcement is so exciting! Just what we need! Sister Lewis and I actually had a street contact ask us if we have facebook before the announcement. This is such a blessing. I know that the Lord is so involved in this work. It is His work and it is so important!

I received a cute, very happy package from Nathan and Becca which really lifted my spirits and¬†I love! I am going to try to take pictures with each of the things they sent me and send them to¬†them. I ate the Mr. Good bar already though… I was surprised that y’all know what my favorite¬†stuff is! It means so much that y’all would send that! I will thank them, just thought I would¬†mention it. They are so cute! They have sent me letters and I really appreciate it! I want to be a¬†cute wife like Becca! ūüôā

Thank y’all for your very fine support!

Don’t y’all fret now, your daughter is doing quite well and fixin’ to pick up a southern accent and¬†the cooking too. The best things about Alabama, the food, the people, the land.

Until next week y’all!

Keep your heads up and keep smiling! You never know whose life it will bless. At all times, in all things and in all places share the gospel, and if necessary, use words!

Sister Lewis and I rode our bikes around in a neighborhood yesterday and picked up trash until¬†9pm so we could be obedient to president and not go in early even though we didn’t have any¬†appointments. We both felt really good about it. The Lord blesses the obedient.

Sister Lewis and I had the opportunity to go to Selma for the day. Selma is an area about an hour and a half from Montgomery. There are no sisters there, only two sets of Elders. We went with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Stahle and Sister Bush (love them!) because we were on exchanges.

We were a little late getting to Selma because the new missionary training meeting got out later than expected. When we got there we split up and Sister Bush and Lewis rode with a member in her car and went with one set of Elders and Sister Stahle and I took bikes and went with the other set of Elders.

The Elders had set up appointments with sisters¬†and female investigators for us to meet with that they wouldn’t be able to teach. None of these¬†people had ever seen sister missionaries before. One of the members said that she was going to¬†write our names in her journal and say that we were the first sister missionaries that she had ever¬†met. We felt pretty special.

We loved the people and the members were so sweet! One family fed us a most delicious meal! I had the best chocolate cake that was made from scratch. I want to learn how to bake southern! Soul food MMmmmhmm!

We had to have the Elders with¬†us all of the time and we had to ride Elder, Sister, Sister, and Elder. President gave the Elders¬†training and strict instructions on how to take care of us while we were there. Selma does¬†not have any sisters for a reason…. it is dangerous. I heard that something happened, but I don’t¬†know what. The members want sisters there so bad… we felt bad that we couldn’t say we would¬†come back.

We were supposed to be out of there before dark, but somehow we didn’t make it¬†out. Our appointments ran late. (Sister Stahle and I saw the space station go across the sky. That¬†was amazing!) On the drive home Elder Bently (from Alpine) Sister Lewis and my district¬†leader called us and made sure we were ok and were very concerned about us. President had¬†called him to make sure we had made it back safely. Our Zone Leaders also called the sister¬†Training leaders to make sure we were all safe. We had to call and text everyone when we got¬†back to sister Lewis and my apartment where the sister training leaders stayed the night.

There¬†was a huge cockroach that we had to kill before Sister Stahle could go to sleep. We tried to flush¬†it down the toilet but it didn’t flush at first. It was my toilet and I was thinking about how¬†uncomfortable that made me feel so I made sure that it flushed… ha ha! Fun times! I made¬†pancakes in the morning and we also made apple dip which was a hit (no one had had it before,¬†but they all loved it!)

Adventures! Selma is like the old south! It looks more like what I pictured when I opened my call. It is beautiful! I love the buildings and the people are so great! I hope and pray that someday they will be able to have sisters. It makes such a difference in certain situations.

OH MY GOODNESS I almost forgot! One of the coolest parts of the story!

One of the appointments we went to wasn’t home, but there was a lady next door who came¬†outside and the Elders tried to ask her if someone was home. She wasn’t really talking back¬†to them and I noticed that she was deaf. I walked over there and started signing with her and¬†asking her questions and trying to understand her. It was a miracle!

After it happened, I realized¬†what had just happened, and I was amazed! I never thought, even once that I would ever use the¬†very little sign language that I know on my mission! The Lord new that I needed to be there at¬†that time to speak with that lady, even though I didn’t know any religious signs, we gave her a¬† card and I explained that she could chat with someone online. I felt like she was¬†grateful that I was able to communicate with and understand her and that I took the time to talk¬†with her and ask her about herself. I am still amazed! I am so grateful that the Lord uses our¬†talents!

All four of us sisters did the intermediate hymn in sacrament meeting yesterday. We did the Star-spangled Banner. I played the violin, Sister Lewis played the piano (she is incredible) and Sister Houston and Sister Hager sang. We did the first two verses together and then the third verse sister Lewis cut out and I played with them for two lines and then I cut out and they sang A-cappella for two lines and then both sister Lewis and I picked back up and then for the ending sister Lewis played the first two lines alone and then we skipped to the last two lines and I played with her.

Everyone stood up and put their hands on their hearts. I loved being able to share my talents! Everyone loved it and one of the sisters told us that it has been years since she has heard that song done the right way. It was really neat.

Sister Lewis and I were asked by Brother Stockman, our gospel principles teacher, to sing hymn 98 for the class. It felt great to be able to serve!

After church Sister Lewis and I were invited to sit in on ward council (that was the first time since I have arrived in the ward that missionaries were invited to attend) it was wonderful!

President Memory and sister Memory went with us all to take the sacrament to a few members. I took the violin and played for them.

We ended up visiting the Bishop at his home. His Granddaughter’s birthday was yesterday. She is living with him and his lovely wife! I love them all. We are going over there Thursday night for the 4th of July!

I love you all dearly!¬†Even you Miriam dearest ūüėȬ†and Jaycee,¬†and Caleb,¬†and Andrew,¬†and Sarah.

Great job with the yard sale! I am so proud of y’all!

Can’t wait to hear form y’all next week and to hear how you are being better member¬†missionaries and preparing to serve your own missions! I promise that will make you the most¬†happy y’all have ever been!

Focus on the temple! That is the goal! I can’t wait to be there with¬†all y’all some day!

Sincerely your southern bell,

Sister Wright