Dear Family,

I decided that it is a lot easier for me to just tell you things from my journal entries. It will help me to cover stories and everything that happened during the week and not rant so much, and give a little more structure; so this is my week:

You better hold onto your seats because there is some crazy news in this email that might BLOW YOU AWAY!!!!!! 😉 See if you can guess before you actually read it. ;P have fun!

Tuesday 6/4/13

I played the piano at zone training meeting. I have been practicing playing for meetings and slowly getting better. I know the Lord is helping me. I am not perfect, or even really good… but I am getting better and I am grateful for the opportunity to improve that talent which the Lord has given me.

One of our Zone Leaders is going home this transfer. I am sad because he was a big part of helping me to feel comfortable and feeling part of the zone. I am excited for him though and hopefully will be able to keep in touch. He is an awesome missionary, and just a cool guy. He is a black man from Detroit. He is supposed to draw me a picture before he leaves. Hopefully he will remember. 😉

Wednesday 6/5/13

We biked about 9 miles today and saw ~5 families. Tonz of people let us in their houses and offered us water or lemonade. That was such a blessing because it was so hot outside and our water was quite warm.

We went to the church to work on the missionary bulletin board and the bishop offered to take us (all four sisters) somewhere to eat and talk about the people we are working within the ward etc.. we went to Golden Coral. He asked us each about ourselves and asked if there was anything about boys that we needed to tell him.

He is so funny and super sweet! Just a jolly man. We got to hear about him and his wife and how they met. He used to be less active, and now he is a bishop after serving as an area 70 and stake presidencies and many other callings!

It poured rain while I was writing in my journal, the hardest that I have ever seen rain fall. I got to fall asleep to that rhythmic, soothing sound. the Lord is so good to me!

Thursday 6/6/13

One of the families that we visited and taught has 6 children and we taught them the story of Ammon and how he cut off the arms of the Lamanites.

We told all the kids that they needed to do service to be missionaries. We challenged all of them to do an act of service that week and tell us about it when they saw us on Sunday.

They are so cute! The oldest is 10, she is super sweet. She made us delicious popcorn balls Thursday night and dropped them off. We decided to write her a thank you note and then to make her and her siblings “future missionary” name tags. I love how excited the little kids are to see us and about missionary work.

The members thank us all of the time for the influence and the example we are for their children. I love it!

Friday 6/7/13

We went to the Birmingham temple (which is actually in Glendale) to do a session with our zone and our mission president and his wife. We had to drive about 2 hrs to get there. It was gorgeous! The temple was so wonderful! I loved being able to feel the spirit in such abundance.

I feel so grateful to be on a mission, to be called of a prophet of God and to know my purpose and to have the Lord’s help in fulfilling that purpose!

Saturday 6/8/13

We had a Relief Society, visiting teaching training/conference for the stake (Montgomery) this morning (9am – 12pm). I met and talked a little bit with Paris’ mom.

Paris is a young man from Tuskegee who has had a video made about him on Mormon.org. It is so cool. We tell everyone to go look it up. His mom (whom I met today) is in it too.

The sister training leaders were going to go out with us today but they didn’t end up doing that. Sister Houston and I wet and raked a less active’s (part-member family) front lawn. They made us some burgers and they were the best I have ever tasted.

We went to visit less actives with sister Blanco who was just called as a ward mission leader. She is in the military and leaving soon. But it was fun getting to know her and she was a big help in our visits. She introduced us to her friend who is not a member and who she is trying to get to meet with the missionaries.

We went home to eat and then we worked on the bulletin board for the ward. We had to use the Aston’s (the senior couple in our complex) computer and printer to print off our pictures for the board.

Earlier in the day at the relief society meeting Sister Houston and I got a call from one of the assistants and they asked me if I would play prelude and postlude music at transfer meeting, that President wanted me to. I accepted quickly and very joyously! They gave me the number of the missionary who currently has the mission violin so I could arrange to get it form him. He is the only missionary in the mission who plays besides me.

The assistants called later that night and I thought they were changing or just giving me more information about transfer meeting, like me playing, but they actually called to tell us that Sister Houston will be staying in Montgomery in Capitol and will be training a new missionary and that I, Sister Wright will be leaving to a new area and that I will be training a new missionary. I was kind of shocked! I feel ready at the same time, or rather calm and confident in the fact that the Lord has chosen and prepared me for this and that He will help me!

I am way excited and ready for change although I will miss Capitol ward greatly! Especially Sister Colquett! She has been so sweet to us and she and I had a special bond I feel like. There are a few other women that I feel connected to in the ward especially after Mother’s day and I wrote them all a little note thanking them for being so welcoming and loving and helpful!

The Lord truly knows me and He knows that I will trust in Him. I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity and excited to meet my new companion and I know that I will love getting to know her and that together us and the Lord can do great things if we do what He has asked us to do and get to work.

I know this church is true! I challenge you to go to Mormon.org and to watch the videos and find one that you think would help someone you know, and then share it with that person!

Let your light so shine before men that they may glorify our Father which is in Heaven!

I love you all dearly! Have a splendid week! Remember the Lord your God and that you can ask Him for courage. He is all powerful, if He can call an inexperienced, far from perfect missionary to train a new missionary, surely He can calm your heart and speak peace and clarity to your mind and give you the courage that you lack or strengthen the courage the you already have.

Yours truly,

Sister Wright (Anna)

(P.S. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for your letter that you sent! You have no idea how much that helped and how much that meant to me! You were listening to the spirit and you followed through with it and you blessed a life! I have tried to learn that from you and I love your continuing example. Will you read Jarom and Omni and let me know what you get from those chapters, why do you think they are important to the Book of Mormon? If you wouldn’t mind writing down your testimonies and sending them to me I would appreciate it! If you are ok with me sharing them, let me know ;D Thanks so much! You are the best grandparents ever and I love you so much!)

The mission is preparing to receive a new mission president. President Holtzapfel and his wife will be leaving in a few days and President Hanks and his wife will be arriving! Exciting times of change. The big announcement that is supposed to change missionary work forever is going to be on the 23rd of this month… super exciting!

Oh can you tell everyone to send mail to the mission home until I can get you my new address? Thanks! Love y’all!


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