Dear Family,

Those pictures are so wonderful! I love how both Ben and Kyli are both positively glowing and most obviously radiantly happy! I am so blessed to know such faithful, obedient, incredible people! Every day of my mission I look at their picture and I try to imagine them on their missions, and I ask myself what they would do if they were in my situation.

I am so relieved to finally have Kyli bonded eternally to our family! We always had a special bond before and she felt like family, she was already “my sister”, but the morning of their sealing, I felt the strength of those eternal bonds. I know that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother are so pleased with the decisions that Ben and Kyli have made in Ben waiting for Kyli and in their being sealed before them in their Holy temple!

I am so pleased with Kyli’s example. Before my mission I was talking with her about wedding plans and what not, and I felt like she wasn’t making as big of a deal about the reception and colors and decoration as I want to in the future, but when I felt that connection, when I felt those eternal ties being made, I knew that none of that really matters. The simplicity that I see in these photos y’all have shared with me is so much more beautiful than any of the colors or flowers or worldly decorations or traditions that I had been focused on.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple y’all. Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful. Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God. The Family is central to the creator’s plan. We are God’s children. We all have the light of Christ in us which comes to us naturally because we are His children. These are the things that really matter. These are the things that we will take with us and these are the ties that allow us to be with our loved ones forever!

My worst fear for the longest time has been to be separated from my family or loved ones without knowing if they were ok, without knowing what was going on, not being able to see or hear from them. I know that I don’t ever have to worry about that as long as we continue to tie our family together and to keep our covenants so that they stay strong, so that “…when the devil sends forth his mighty winds, yea his shafts in the whirlwind it shall have NO power over us to drag us down to the gulf of misery and endless woe BECAUSE of the rock upon which we are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build, they cannot fall.” (Heleman 5:12)!

We visited a less active family this week who is really struggling. We had a great visit with them and shared our testimonies of the plain and precious truths of the gospel. They have one son (15ish) and three daughters (9, 4, and 1) who are the cutest, sweetest girls I think I have ever met! Sister M, the mother, is especially having a rough time and teared up a few times as we were visiting, I leaned over and asked if I could give her a hug, because I am a hugger. She let me embrace her and she held me tight and for a while. I just stood there and held her and felt so much love for this precious, beautiful daughter of a loving Father in Heaven.

We continued chatting and then we ended with a prayer, which the oldest of the three daughters offered. I was impressed with the way she spoke with God, as well as the things she thanked Him for. After she finished, the 4 year old announced that it was her turn, so we all bowed our heads again and listened as this little girl quietly mumbled what she felt was a prayer. I wanted to cry at the beauty of such an experience. She kept going on and so her father quietly whispered to her how to close, but I thought this was such a sweet experience and I felt so blessed to be able to be called to Alabama to be there at that moment to hear that tender prayer.

As we were leaving, we shook everyone’s hands, but I felt like I needed to give Sister Mullins another hug, so I did. I held her as she began to tell me that she was grateful for us and that she trusts the missionaries. I told her that if they needed anything at all just to call us. She explained to me as we released our embrace that she didn’t feel like she could, or she would feel guilty for asking for anything because she is less active. I told her that we were there for that purpose. We were there for her and her family, that we loved to help less actives most of all!

She was so grateful for us and she thanked me for my hug and my love. I felt so full. I knew that I was doing all I could to help my Father’s children, I was fulfilling my purpose and using my talents to bless someone else’s life who needs to feel the love that I know how to give to help her come closer to her Father through her Savior!

I know that I am where I need to be, where the Lord needs me to be, and I am so grateful that He knew that way before I did and that He saw fit to call a small, insignificant, insecure, humble, but obedient girl from PG and to trust her to watch over and care for His precious children in Alabama! I learn and realize a little more every day that this work is not about me, this is not MY mission, it is the Lord’s and He is in charge.

You are so right Mother! My job is to get out of His way and just do whatever He asks me to do. I see miracles every day, enough to know that I can’t do anything, it is all Him!

I love you all so dearly and thank you so much for your incredible love devotion, faith, and courage!

Forever yours,

Sister Anna Christine Wright (HMS)


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