Sister Anna Wright’s letter:

Hey y’all!

Another week has gone by in Alabama. The work is as important as ever, the need for urgency along with it! Every meeting we have when we get together with other missionaries we are being reminded of how we need to be urgent missionaries; we don’t have any time to waste.


Apparently there is a big announcement coming up that is going to “change missionary work forever”! My companion and the other sisters in our ward (Capitol ward) like to speculate or guess what it is going to be… it can be fun and is a common form of entertainment as we drive together to appointments.

My companion likes to listen to music a lot. We have been using my CDs and CD player quite a bit. Honestly, I am kind of going insane. I am turning into Ben and Nate.

Sister Houston and I had to teach a Sunday school class of teenagers (13-18 yr olds) because they were short on teachers (which is common for this ward). Because the classes were combined, there were a good number of youth of varied ages and they were all very talkative. I was having a hard time with all of the noise, they wouldn’t be quiet and focus and I was getting a huge headache. I felt like my companion totally took over and forgot that I was even there. I love how she is able to teach and get kids involved, but I don’t get to contribute very much. We need to be better about really planning out our lessons before we teach them because she pretty much teaches the whole thing like she is a one-woman show and I have to just try to add my testimony at the end and then I always get asked to pray and we aren’t very balanced. I feel like this takes away from the spirit. I know that as I work with my companion and ask the Lord for help that he will strengthen me in this trial and help me to love my companion and deal with this “issue” (as silly as it may be) in a positive way that will allow both of us to grow and become better missionaries and hopefully become more united and have the spirit more.

Please note that these are my feelings and that the situation is hardly as extreme as I have described it to be. I share these things not to complain or harp on my companion (whom I love dearly) but so that you can all see what a mission is really like and we can all see how the Lord can take our weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

In some ways it is easier down here in the south, because almost everyone already has a knowledge of, a foundation or belief in God and Jesus Christ so we kind of have a head start, but the hard thing is convincing and persuading and helping them to make the steps and commitments that will allow them to have the FULL blessings of the Atonement in their life. There are so many different faiths and interpretations of doctrine out here and people are firm in the traditions of their fathers, it is difficult to help them to see when they have been blind for so long. There are so many good people out here who have a faith and who live it and they feel perfectly happy in their religion and life style, our mission is to find those who are searching for truth, or something more in their life who are open to and seeking the truth. This is hard because it means that we have to look harder and talk to more people before we find anyone like that.


I know that this is a celestial work and that there is nothing greater I could be doing at this point in my life. Alabama has become my home and I am doing everything I can to become immersed in the culture and get down in the dirt and truly love and serve these people, my Father’s children and my brothers and sisters. Almost everyone I meet, after I meet them I feel like I have met them before, I know that I have. We knew each other in the Pre-mortal existence where we lived with our Heavenly Parents and where we decided to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ and come to earth and get bodies and be tested.

I sometimes stop and wonder or ask myself, why is it important to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Why is it so important that there is only one true church? If people are living a good life and doing the best they can to do what is right, why am I out here trying to convince them to do the same thing in a different religion? Why bother if we will all be resurrected and have an opportunity to receive the gospel when we remember and get our memory back?

Without baptism by immersion, by someone worthy who holds the proper priesthood authority from God, we cannot even make it onto the path that leads to eternal life and celestial glory (the tree of life) which is where God, our Father dwells. Our first inheritance is that we will be resurrected and become immortal after we die because Jesus Christ overcame death and we chose to follow the plan, so we will all be resurrected all who came to earth and received a body, but without making and keeping the proper covenants through the proper authority, we cannot make it back to our Home, which is dwelling with our Heavenly Parents. For example, I have left my mother and father to come on a mission, which is like a mini life, I can’t imagine not being able to see them again. I don’t have enough time to make that an awesome analogy, sadly, but think about that. Families are given to us for a reason, everyone wants a happy, functional family for a reason and it has to do with the fact that we are the literal children of God and we have inherited His traits. I love thinking about things like this. I love the spirit and how He can speak to me through the scriptures!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and I LOVE it! Keep the faith and know that I love and pray for and worry about y’all every day! Read Jacob 4! I studied it this morning and I highlighted just about every verse! It’s great!

Love the pictures! Send more if possible! Oh and you can actually send packages to my mail address, you don’t have to send them to the mission address F.Y.I… 🙂 thank you for your letters love support etc…! I am so freaking excited and kinda wierded out by Ben and Kyli getting married in 3 days. I am so glad that it won’t be awkward when I get home and we will be able to do and watch and say things that we couldn’t while Lovely Kyli was on her mission…. 😉 Love ya! I will repent and be better at responding. Sorry!

Ta ta for now,

Your daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, aunt, niece etc…

Sister Wright (HMS)

Smile BIG 😀


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