Out in the Feild

Sister Anna Wright                                                                                         May 6, 2013

Did y’all get my message?  I am in Alabama safe and sound and I have my first assignment and companion.  I am serving in Capitol, Montgomery and my companion is Sister Houston.  I love her so much!  She is actually younger than me and only been out 12 weeks.  Oh hey you can check the mission blog and see pictures of me and read about what is going on there.  This is my address that you can send letters and regular mail to 

 2845 Zelda Rd apt. P4

Montgomery AL 36106

(packages go to the mission office address) I will get you this address at a latter date.

We are an hour away from the mission home.  We are going to go tract for about half an hour before we go shopping for food and whatnot.

Love you tonz!

Sister HMS

Dear family and friends,

Preparation day is actually on Monday, President just wanted us to get on and send our new address to our families.  Supposedly it takes about 3 days for us to get mail from Utah.  I love my companion!  She is so awesome and obedient and sweet.  We have gotten comfortable enough to joke around and have a good time.  We always say two things we love about the other person before we go to bed after we turn off the light.  This is so great because it helps me to love her and to know that she loves me even though I might feel like I messed up or did something wrong or the day didn’t go very well, it helps me to be able to sleep feeling loved and like I did my best and I can get up again tomorrow and give it all I’ve got.  I have been so blessed!  Heavenly Father answers prayers!  I know this because I was worried about being able to get up at 6:30 every morning and exercise and have enough energy (because my hypothyroidism makes it difficult)  and every morning the alarm goes off and I have to use the restroom so I get up and once I am up and get moving and then I kneel down and pray and dedicate that day to the Lord, I have the energy to keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon I have a hop in my step and I have just enough energy to do the work with a cheerful attitude and true joy.  This work is so great and so important and brings such joy!  I am recording everything I can in my journal before I go to bed too.  I can testify that when we give all our heart might mind and strength to the Lord and turn our WILL over to HIM, He gives us the strength to do all things!  He reaches our reaching, he pulls us up and then He lifts us up. The Lord prepares a way for His servants to accomplish that which He has commanded them to do.  I love my Savior with all of my heart!  I serve Him and His children every day and I am so happy!  Nick Strong was right.  “Your mission is the easiest thing you have ever done when you forget about yourself and you serve everyone else all of the time.”  That is what a mission is… serving all of the time.

There are two sets of sisters in the Capitol ward.  Three of us came straight from the MTC and one has been out for 3 months, but never served in this area.  We are literally starting from scratch.  We feel lost sometimes but we keep working hard and the Lord is blessing our efforts. My companion and I were able to find a new investigator, Kathy Goldman.  She is so sweet!  We showed up to her door looking for someone else and all we said was “Hi” and she invited us inside.  She talked with us for 45 minutes just getting to know each other (my companion couldn’t tell if she was a member or not)  and then we started to teach her and she said she wants to know more.  she had questions and had read the Book of Mormon with her husband before and remembered that she had recently seen stuff on TV about the Mormons (all good stuff)  that she thought was really cool and that gave her great respect for our church.  We set up a return appointment!  I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited, I felt like Elder Calhoun from The Best Two Years!  The sad thing is, she and her husband are moving so we want to teach her enough before she leaves so that she will keep taking the lessons from the missionaries in the area they are moving to and eventually get baptized, or that she will be able to do so before they move.  We also have two sisters, Tasha (who was supposedly already baptized into the church)  and her sister Kim (not a member) who smokes.  We taught them (all four sisters since the other companionship are both as new as me) and we invited Kim to be baptized and she accepted!  She said she has some personal issues she has to take care of, such as smoking, before she is baptized but she accepted and we challenged her to quit smoking and she said she would try.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and a little note of encouragement and offered our help.  We are praying for her to not have the desire to smoke anymore.  She seems very interested in the things we are sharing with her and she seems to understand pretty well.  We taught them the doctrine of Christ and she asked us to go over them again so that she could remember and understand.  I am so excited for her!  Tasha is very well versed in the Bible.  She has been baptized into tonz of other churches and she asks so many questions and just has a desire to know the truth.  She told us that she asks her Pastors and Preachers her questions and they pull out a verse that doesn’t answer it and makes no sense.  We read in 3 Ne. 11 and asked both of them  what they would ask Jesus for if He came down to earth.  I was surprised by their answers.  Kim said she would ask for peace (we had a lesson on that in Relief Society in church like an hour before this lesson) and Tasha said she would ask “Why?  What is the purpose of this life? Why were we sent here? Why did you have to suffer for everything?” That got me so excited and I wanted to share and testify about the plan of salvation, but my companion kept cool and redirected the lesson back to the doctrine of Christ and said that the Book of Mormon answers those questions and challenged them to read it (again)  and then we finished the lesson.  Next time we will address her questions. That is why I am so grateful for my companion.  I am learning a lot.  Especially that the less I speak the more the spirit can work in their heart and the more they speak the more I can find out what we need to teach them and help them understand that will meet their need.  Often times as the Spirit works in them they will end up telling us exactly what we need to teach them.  I love to see how the Spirit works in the hearts of men!  I love to see people coming to REMEMBER the pure and simple truth!  The point we focus on is the restoration because there are so many other religions and everyone already believes in God and Jesus Christ and they know them, what they are missing is the priesthood and the restoration of the church and the Book of Mormon.  Once they see that they jump right in.  I have heard so many people say that they believe that the LDS church is 90% true, they just don’t know about the other 10% and they want to make sure that it is or they go to other churches to make sure that there isn’t anything else that is more perfect or more true.  We try to tell them that they need to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and ASK GOD IF IT IS TRUE and they will know for sure and for themselves!  I know that I am called of God to come to Alabama at this time!  This is wisdom in my Heavenly Father and that He will use me to reach His children if I am living my life in line with His will and following in the footsteps of His son! 

Please tell everyone to email me! It only takes a moment and I don’t have anyone’s email address.  I want to be able to communicate with and keep in touch with all y’all! 

FUNNY!  yesterday sister Dormer, a sister from the other companionship in Capitol ward, told me that I sound a little southern already!  heck yeah!  I find myself adapting to how they speak down here.  It is pretty funny!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about the South!  I love the people, I love how they talk, I love their culture (what I have seen of it)  I am soaking it all in and believe me, you will be welcoming home a southern lady in 18 months! 🙂

Mother’s day!  Mom!  I am SO grateful for you!  I love you and think about you everyday!  Especially when I accidentally say something like they do down here and I think how you would react.. ha ha! 

Please have Sarah tell Hollie to email me!  And tell her to tell people from Wal-Mart (Chris Hughes, Bronson, Brandyn, etc…)  to email me!  (anna.wright@myldsmail.net)

Well G2G, much love and blessings!  Don’t worry about me.  I am being very well fed and looked after! I got to do yoga this morning and it rocked! 

I hope dad’s trip went well and mom is getting all the quilts done and that life is a little less crazy!  I want to see family pictures when you can send them and I will work on sending some your way too. 

Remember that I am just an email away!

Talk to y’all on Sunday :D!!!!!


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