First Week in the MTC



Dearest family!  (I was so tempted to use Spanish right there… ha!)

Hmmm… What is Sister Wright doing right now…?  Well Sister Wright just put a load of laundry in the wash after going to the gym and working out for probably the best half an hour since arriving here.  It felt so incredible to exercise!  I haven’t worked out in so long… I really need to though.  I swear they try to fatten all of the missionaries up here at the MTC.  ha ha~!  There is a sister who got here the Wednesday before I did and she keeps telling all of the sisters in my district that she had already gained 6 pounds within her first week.  She is too cute and keeps us all laughing.  She is not the only one who keeps every one laughing, that is what all of us missionaries do to keep ourselves sane.  Yesterday we had an insane amount of study time.  We basically studied all day, which was wonderful, but it was hard to stay focused for such long periods of time.  We have to study in our classroom or somewhere in the building.  We are not allowed to go back to our dorms (“home” as some sisters call it) because they want us to used to staying out until 9:30.  I have come to find that this is wisdom because I am positive there would be a whole lot more catching up on sleep and so much less studying.  I did learn a ton yesterday!  I was humbled yesterday, and it kind of hurt.  I know what you are all thinking…. “Anna? Humbled?!”  😉  but yes, there are always things to learn and I am definitely going through the hottest level of heat in the refiners fire of my little life.  While painful, quite productive!  I realized that the Atonement really does apply to EVERY THING!  We taught our first I.P. yesterday where one of our teachers portrays a real investigator/ non-member and we teach them.  What a special experience!  I have come to love these experiences because everyone participating gains something good from it!  Granted that is not how I felt after teaching the lesson for the first time.  I actually felt devastated and like a complete failure.  I was in “the depths of dispair” and I knew that Satan was really working hard on me.  I felt like all of my faults were laying out for everyone I was with to see and that they were all judging me because I wasn’t perfect my first time.  But then we went back to the class and our teacher Brother Rockwood invited us to pray for 10 minutes and just communicate with our Father in Heaven and ask Him a question.  I was beating myself up so bad that I was struggling to keep my tears in.  I was so grateful for this invitation because that was all I wanted and NEEDED to do.  Everyone stayed sitting in their desks, (it is a small classroom and there are 10 of us missionaries in our district)  but I had to kneel.  I felt to humbled that I could not sit.  I cried out to my Father in Heaven and I poured out my heart.  The only question that came to my mind and heart was: “Father, am I where you want me to be?  Am I doing what you want me to be doing?”  My broken heart waited for an answer and the familiar feeling of the wonderful spirit of God covered me, overwhelmed me, encircled me about until I knew without a shadow of a doubt that My Father loves me so much and I am where He has called me to be.  I also heard the answer to a question which was placed in my mind by the Holy spirit.  I was instructed on how to allow the Savior’s Atonement to reach out to every corner of my heart and take every care and worry and doubt away.  This is His work and He called me, to be apart of it.  I am not giving up!  I have come so far and felt too much to give up or turn back now or ever!  I pray that all of you and each individually can come to have a deeper relationship with the Savior where you do not hold back anything from Him!  I love you all so much!   I am so blessed to be here now and to have all of you support and love me!  Please Please write me and tell me what you are worrying about what you care about. Keep the faith!  Endure to the end (continual conversion) and ours will be the greatest blessings of heaven!  Love for Ever!

Your daughter, sister, friend,

Sister Wright 😀

P.S.  My next P-day is Friday and I will be leaving the MTC on the 30th (Tuesday)  headed to Alabama!
I believe packages to the MTC through DearElder are free…
My mailing address is:

MTC Mailbox # 273
AL-BIRM 0430
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

Please give my email address to anyone who wants to email me!


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