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Sister Wright’s 2nd MTC letter

She is in His care.

Hey y’all! 

I did have the privilege of receiving a package this morning!  The system is a little different now, the district leaders are not allowed to pick up packages for you, they just give you a slip and you go get it, but I didn’t receive the slip until after hours last night so I had to wait until this morning to pick it up.  I have not been feeling too well the last day or so.  Nothing serious, just upset stomach, dizziness and painful exhaustion (thyroid style).  I was pushing through all of class and our in field training meetings, but when 8pm rolled around, I could not keep my eyes open and I felt like I was going to throw up… (sorry)  I couldn’t concentrate and every movement added to the exhaustion weighing down on my body. When my thyroid makes me tired, it is not like regular exhaustion, I feel like I am carrying around like 50 extra pounds and my body aches.  Every time I have to fight to keep my eyes open, they feel so heavy and it gives me a headache.  I felt bad, but I had to tell my teacher and my companion that I really wasn’t feeling well and so my companion and I went “home” early and I went to bed. Before we left though, I asked my district leader and his companion for a blessing.  It was a beautiful blessing! I am so impressed with these young men and their ability to listen to the spirit and also to teach and use their priesthood with quiet dignity!  I love being around them and have come to see them as brothers.  I get some sleep and showered this morning, which felt wonderful!  We were able to go to the temple this morning and it was just what I needed!  My companion and I did sealings of daughters to parents and then we went to the celestial room where we waited for the other 4 sisters in our district to come out of their endowment session.  We then went downstairs and we helped with the laundry.  It felt so wonderful to serve and the temple workers were so sweet and appreciated our help.  I had no idea how beautiful the Provo temple was!  I love the Celestial room!  I felt like I was in the Lord’s sitting room with family. 

I was going to send you some pictures, but I forgot my camera, I will make sure to as soon as I can though.  I have run into so many people that I know from PG!  Both sister Cambells (Shelby and her younger sister), Sister Del Castillo (multiple times), Elder Jacob Eddington.  He popped up at lunch and took me completely by surprise!  I almost forgot myself and jumped up and hugged him!  oops… don’t worry though, we just shook hands.  Jacob is one of my dearest friends from high school! (could you forward my emails to Jennie?)  Elder Eddington was supposed to go to a different MTC, but he is still waiting for his visa, so he is here!  He just arrived here this Wednesday.  I was so happily surprised to see him, that I started tearing up.  I have seen him once more so far, but he didn’t see me. My goal is to try to get a picture with him before I leave!  The Lord is so kind!  That same day that I saw my dear friend was probably the worst day of the MTC for me, I was doing everything I could not to burst into tears and to keep a smile on my face.  I know that the Lord knows me and is mindful of me and my righteous desires!  I know that I can do and be nothing without Him!  I am no where near perfect, but I know that in the Lord’s hand, I can be what and who he needs and wants me to be!  I am excited to get out to Alabama and start loving and serving the people down there! 

I am so sorry about the bunnies!  I cried when I read that!  I wish I could be there to hug you all and to give help and comfort where it is needed, but remember, I am only an email or letter away!  Thank you so much for the stamps!  The care package was just what I needed!  You are all pretty good at listening to the spirit!  I love you all so much!  I know that I am where the Lord needs me to be and I am doing my best to fill my calling with the best attitude I can and give it every thought and my full heart that I can!  I think about you every night and when I receive your wonderful letters, but every other moment I am focused on the Lord’s work and learning all I can to be the best missionary that I can!  I tell you this so that you know what kind of missionary I am striving to be and so that you don’t have to worry about me or if I am feeling home sick or worried.  I am fine and I appreciate all of your love and prayers and support!  I am so happy to pray for all of those things!  I love you all so much more than any worldly/earthly words can express!  stay happy and remember who you are and open your mouths!  The Lord will fill it with what you need to say to bring others unto Christ!

I know that the Atonement is real and it does work!  This gospel is so great and glorious!  Love love love!

Love your Sister HMS (yes dad you can call me that!)


First Week in the MTC



Dearest family!  (I was so tempted to use Spanish right there… ha!)

Hmmm… What is Sister Wright doing right now…?  Well Sister Wright just put a load of laundry in the wash after going to the gym and working out for probably the best half an hour since arriving here.  It felt so incredible to exercise!  I haven’t worked out in so long… I really need to though.  I swear they try to fatten all of the missionaries up here at the MTC.  ha ha~!  There is a sister who got here the Wednesday before I did and she keeps telling all of the sisters in my district that she had already gained 6 pounds within her first week.  She is too cute and keeps us all laughing.  She is not the only one who keeps every one laughing, that is what all of us missionaries do to keep ourselves sane.  Yesterday we had an insane amount of study time.  We basically studied all day, which was wonderful, but it was hard to stay focused for such long periods of time.  We have to study in our classroom or somewhere in the building.  We are not allowed to go back to our dorms (“home” as some sisters call it) because they want us to used to staying out until 9:30.  I have come to find that this is wisdom because I am positive there would be a whole lot more catching up on sleep and so much less studying.  I did learn a ton yesterday!  I was humbled yesterday, and it kind of hurt.  I know what you are all thinking…. “Anna? Humbled?!”  😉  but yes, there are always things to learn and I am definitely going through the hottest level of heat in the refiners fire of my little life.  While painful, quite productive!  I realized that the Atonement really does apply to EVERY THING!  We taught our first I.P. yesterday where one of our teachers portrays a real investigator/ non-member and we teach them.  What a special experience!  I have come to love these experiences because everyone participating gains something good from it!  Granted that is not how I felt after teaching the lesson for the first time.  I actually felt devastated and like a complete failure.  I was in “the depths of dispair” and I knew that Satan was really working hard on me.  I felt like all of my faults were laying out for everyone I was with to see and that they were all judging me because I wasn’t perfect my first time.  But then we went back to the class and our teacher Brother Rockwood invited us to pray for 10 minutes and just communicate with our Father in Heaven and ask Him a question.  I was beating myself up so bad that I was struggling to keep my tears in.  I was so grateful for this invitation because that was all I wanted and NEEDED to do.  Everyone stayed sitting in their desks, (it is a small classroom and there are 10 of us missionaries in our district)  but I had to kneel.  I felt to humbled that I could not sit.  I cried out to my Father in Heaven and I poured out my heart.  The only question that came to my mind and heart was: “Father, am I where you want me to be?  Am I doing what you want me to be doing?”  My broken heart waited for an answer and the familiar feeling of the wonderful spirit of God covered me, overwhelmed me, encircled me about until I knew without a shadow of a doubt that My Father loves me so much and I am where He has called me to be.  I also heard the answer to a question which was placed in my mind by the Holy spirit.  I was instructed on how to allow the Savior’s Atonement to reach out to every corner of my heart and take every care and worry and doubt away.  This is His work and He called me, to be apart of it.  I am not giving up!  I have come so far and felt too much to give up or turn back now or ever!  I pray that all of you and each individually can come to have a deeper relationship with the Savior where you do not hold back anything from Him!  I love you all so much!   I am so blessed to be here now and to have all of you support and love me!  Please Please write me and tell me what you are worrying about what you care about. Keep the faith!  Endure to the end (continual conversion) and ours will be the greatest blessings of heaven!  Love for Ever!

Your daughter, sister, friend,

Sister Wright 😀

P.S.  My next P-day is Friday and I will be leaving the MTC on the 30th (Tuesday)  headed to Alabama!
I believe packages to the MTC through DearElder are free…
My mailing address is:

MTC Mailbox # 273
AL-BIRM 0430
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Please give my email address to anyone who wants to email me!

Anna’s 2nd day in the MTC

Dearest Family,                                          4/18/13

The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about LOVE.  The “L” word.  Yesterday after dinner, all of us new missionaries participated in a “teaching experience”.  We watched a scene where two missionaries (a Companionship) were allowed into a non-member’s “home” and began to try to teach.  Honestly, I was scared out of my mind, but as we began and everyone participated and we were guided and taught by the teacher, but more so, the Spirit, it became less scary.  By the end my companion and I both said that we were excited to jump in the next day and learn how to fulfill our purpose as missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  That purpose (something Andrew and Caleb and everyone else should memorize) is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

This purpose is so important because God loves His children so much and He wants to have them close to Him and get to know and trust Him, rely on Him.  Father is using me and all the other thousands of missionaries to reach His children!  I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this work!

The truth from Sister Wright…the MTC is different than what I ever thought or imagined.  My companion is Sister Shattuck, a very sweet sister from St. George Utah.  Her family lives in Italy right now because her father is in the military.  We get along pretty well and we seem to be on the same page as far as study and teaching goes.  I love the way she listens to the Spirit and is so willing and anxious to learn, study and prepare as much as possible!  I feel like she echos how I feel, I just don’t quite know how to express it, or I don’t feel I could do it as well as she does, but I try to show my willingness and excitement and obedience through my actions.  In class today, Sister Gibson brought up Ether 12:27 (scripture mastery) and we read that, but then she said that it is well known and quoted a lot, but do people pay attention to the context?  It is Moroni telling his experience with the Lord.  Moroni is worried that the Gentiles will judge him because  he is weak in writing and asks the Lord for help.  The Lord tells him that he gives weak things unto men so that they will humble themselves and come unto Him, ask Him for help, and then He will make those weak things become strengths.  I am really trying to internalize this and apply it to my life (as Nephi teaches).  Right now I am a new missionary with very little knowledge or experience, but with a willing heart and mind to submit to the will of my father.  I feel like a little kid trying to learn to ride a bicycle.  I know that as I humble myself and start to prune my mind and heart of the doubts and fears, which only cripple and crush the soul, that my father will fulfill His promise, He will make me strong, and when I am strong I will only boast of my God!  I know that it is through my Savior and His Atonement that this is possible!

Last night was hard.  My mind was just geeking out!  I think I woke up just about every hour, maybe didn’t sleep at all…but I thought of each one of you and felt peace.  Ha! Kyli, I have two pillows that are pretty fluffy and it felt like I had “8 pillows”.  I kinda chuckled a bit!

(Kyli was teasing Anna before she left about how many pillows she sleeps with : )

The food is pretty good, not gonna lie, it’s a little awkward eating with someone you don’t know and don’t have much to talk about.  I am trying not to worry about what she thinks about me.  I just have to forget about myself and my weaknesses and love my companion and go to work.

I miss you guys, but not enough to make me cry, at least not yet.  I did have a little scare at  lunch today though.  There was a Sister who looked like Sarah.  The likeness was insane!  Totally siked me out for a second, but I am better now.  I do want you to know that I love you Sarah!  I love you all dearly!

Love, Sister Wright